The Waffle House Chronicles...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter has came and went. Just shows how zany Madison can be. Friday when it came time to leave, it was blizzard madness! It snowed really hard and we left work early to head north. It's not fun to drive in crap like that on the highway but we made it slowly but surely. We went to Taco Bell in Baraboo on the way up...and they ran out of rice. There are alot of items I could think of that a restaurant could run out of (buns, lettuce or anything remotely fresh) but rice is a bummer, especially for the vegetarian in our family. We made do with smaller than normal items. It was good to see the Badgers make it to weekend two of the NCAA tourney. Easter in Rice Lake was really nice. We hung out with Anna most of the time and watched lots of basketball. John and I went through over 100,000 baseball cards which are almost worthless to see if we could find anything fun. We found some fun cards but nothing overly valuable. We are hoping to get rid of them now to help my parents make space. Sunday we had easter brunch with both of my grandmas which is always fun. Got back Sunday and it started to snow appears Madison did get to the 100" mark for snow, eclipsing the old record that was like 82".

Back to work on Monday was rough (it was Monday) but manageable. Monday night we played the city league championships in basketball. Our team was 8-2 this season. But alas the championship was out of grasp. I played like crap and had 4 fouls so I didn't get to play much...we all played like crap. So it wasn't meant to be. I do have one other shot of a championship as our work has a March Madness Foosball Tourney and today my team is in the championship. I even went riding yesterday and felt like crap, so much so that today instead of riding I am writing this lame-ass blog post!

One cool thing however is that our company makes an electric bike. It is pedal assist so if you are pedalling the assist will kick in and help you out. How cool is that? The only reason not to own one of these if you work downtown is the price as I seriously think with Madison's network of bike paths you can get to work quicker and not much more sweaty than you would in a car. It took me 6 minutes versus 4 in a car on clear roads for me to get to work, all on easy to drive roads. I know I can get to Camp Randall and back quicker on that then in a car. Anyways I am hoping to take that bike out more and give it some further research.

I still gotta get a PS3. I played it alot this past weekend... This video is almost all made with the help of a PS3.