The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, February 24, 2006

I miss Rax!!!

While investigating the Burger King IPO (which I will now likely pass on) I came across one of the best investment opportunities ever. Tim Hortons IPO! The Wendy's group is well managed (despite the Chili incident putting a dent on sales.) Time to get an etrade account or something.

Fry Day! Ok, not quite Fry Day yet (next Wednesday will be Fri Day for sure) but Friday. I guess I update this site about every other day, not too shabby! Tonight is the second Friday of back-to-back Paul Walker Friday, Running Scared + Ultrascreen = Friday night! I am sure I’ll do some sort of eating whether it be Papa Johns or something else. It’s also a day off from running. I ran 26.2 miles in the past 4 days so today was just a little basketball and a core workout. I’ll likely run a quick 5 tomorrow and might even swim as well (I certainly won’t be joining Jerry on a freeze my cubes off 10am ride.) Tomorrow we also have a dodgeball tourney. This one will be key to determining our overall place, so wish us luck. I am scared to play though, our games will be on a racquetball court. Evidently someone thought this would be a good idea. Sunday will be a day of rest or something to that effect.

Bike is coming together. Hayes El Camino Discs on my Zaskar frame with a Manitou R7 fork and SRAM XO drive train. Everything else will be the same, switching back to Ritchey Disc wheels that are none to light but should be durable. On the negative side it looks like I’ll need a new rear road wheel. My American Classic wheel has a 22mm rim to be beefier for heavier riders but my Scott road frame has such a small tolerance back there that the small amount of wheel flex combined with the robust Michelin tire makes it rub the frame just a bit on corners. If it does that in training there is no way I want to ride a crit on it. Also unfortunately I don’t have an extra road rear wheel to try to see if that will help enough to make me ride it.

Anything else going on? Anyone? Anything? I hope all is well and everyone has a great weekend! Oh yeah, Russ is in town cleaning out the house. I’ll have to stop in and see what’s up! I wonder what Riz is doing right now?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Awesome! It is Wednesday. We got ran in basketball on Monday, despite 10 points from me (52-29 we lost.) We suck! I also got “ran” in pottery last night. I finished up with two fairly poor pots (one I converted into a gravy boat if that tells you anything) so I think the dream of being a glorious potter is pretty much dashed. One more class left, where I will trim the 5 pots that are left to be trimmed. I’ll have to go in after class once to glaze I reckon. 7 more days of February left and still no potatoes. Was at JT Whitneys Monday and watched people eat one glorious fry after another. I have ate a lot healthier this month and have lost 3-4 pounds despite missing upwards of a week of working out. I am hoping to get out for a 10 mile run today as distance runs on Saturday don’t work as well for me. Wednesdays might be my new distance day for running…I think it will work out great so I can do some longer rides on weekends.

Went to the Y yesterday and some people just confuse me. I see some ugly dude lifting, looking all roid like with his buddy who was almost as ugly and equally as roided… Anyways as Ron White would say these guys probably get off watching Roadhouse. Or perhaps they idolize Chuck Norris or something. Well I get done and see those guys leaving. The uglier one had on some sort of baggy blue jeans that were draw-strung (looked like denim Zubaz) and then a two tone jean jacket (denim base with some sort of tan/khaki arms.) Huh? Makes me wonder what that guy thinks about when he wakes up. I understand and respect almost all sports, but bodybuilding (as a sport) is about where I draw the line. Billiards, Cycling, Bowling, Figure Skating, Baseball, Nascar are all sports. I can even understand competitive weightlifting and strongest man and all that. But some ugly dude who has arms bigger than my legs for no reason than to just have muscles? To each their own I guess…I just don’t understand. They were probably laughing at me as I was sweating my ass off on a treadmill for 5 miles in my short running shorts and getting about as far as a Hamster while staring at the beltline. Such is life.

I guess there are a lot of things I don’t understand. I’ve always looked at things I don’t like and try to figure out why someone would like them. Mostly this has to do with food, music and movies. There are lot of things I don’t like that I can figure out why people like them (Panera Bread, Dave Matthews, Lord of the Rings) but there are equally as many that I can’t figure out (Tuna, Barenaked Ladies, Austin Powers.) Probably explains why some of my favorite restaurants go out of business, why some of my favorite bands play at county fairs and why people think the Rock is a good actor and Vin Diesel is not.

Wow, this rant is pretty random and borderline boring. Well if you are still reading and have a camcorder let me know. I am in the market for one (either mini DV or likely DVD) so if you have any opinions on camcorders please drop me a comment (or do so anyways so I know someone is listening!) Sony DVD camcorder for $475 at Circuit City seems like my best bet (I have a $50 GC and $83 in Sony Dollars.) I wonder what Shiroma is doing right now?

Monday, February 20, 2006

No prizes yet! See below post.

Another weekend has passed. Another good time was had. Another work week is kicking off. I can’t wait for Friday already!

Anyways, Friday was fun! Eight Below was actually a really good movie. A lot of people cried during some of the sad parts. I can only hope this Friday’s Running Scared will be as good if not better. Didn’t do much after that, watched some Olympics and all that. Saturday I woke up and evidently Jess didn’t put Chili is his kennel on Saturday. He also must not like cold weather as I woke up and right by the doggy door on the inside was a pile surrounded by a puddle. Oh well, it was like 16 below when I woke up so I don’t blame him. 2 hours of basketball, a fast 5 miles on the treadmill, and a killer new core workout all took place at the Y. I still feel the effects of the core workout so it must be working! Got some groceries and settled in to watch some Busch racing and the Michigan B-Ball game. The Busch race didn’t disappoint unlike the Michigan basketball game. Guh! Don’t know how you can shoot 52% from the field and get smoked! Saturday night was the big party at Shelley’s! OK, it wasn’t big but lots of food and more Olympics and hanging out with co-workers and such was a lot of fun!

Sunday I woke up and read the paper. The digital camera Jess wanted was on clearance. I went to the Y to run but it was absolutely packed! Doesn’t anyone go to church anymore? I skipped the Y and went shopping. Jess debated on getting the camera (she did) and I bought 3 PS2 games. Get up on Da Mic was $14 at Circuit City with the microphone included. It is a hip hop karaoke game. It ended up being only $11 at the register so that’s cool! Also bought Midway Arcade Treasures. It has Marble Madness, Toobin’ & Paperboy. Toobin is one of the best games ever. Marble Madness I suck at but hope to get better. Paperboy is the best game on a bicycle (lots better that Cannondale Cup or California Games and slightly better than Downhill Domination.) The third game is a true treat, Ape Escape 3. Jess actually bought it for me as a belated Valentine’s Day gift. I haven’t started any of the games yet though because once we got home it was all Daytona! I logged a good 5 couch hours. Tony Stewart, who I occasionally respected is an ass. Jimmie won. Not really a banner day for racing, that’s for sure. Seeing Mears and Newman do well is always nice! Went to Sai Ba Tong for my first ever Thai experience. Wasn’t too bad, not however jumping to go back there right away though!

Anyone watch biathlon on TV? That sport is insane! So is 125M ski jumping! Tonight will be busy with puppy class, Chainsmoker meeting and city league basketball game (not to mention finding time to run 5 miles and get to Walgreens) and tomorrow I have pottery class and Thursday we have a company outing to go bowling. Crazy busy! Oh well such is life!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!