The Waffle House Chronicles...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's Jess' Birthday! :) Happy Birthday Cakes! Yummy!!! 28 years, and her last year of singleness!

I hope you have a great one!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006


So I pretty much kicked my own ass this weekend.

Friday after work we had a little birthday get together for Jess. It started off with the worst pizza and Crazy Bread from Little Caesars. It was ugly. After that it was awesome. Some good friends and good food. Drank some beers, then Jerry informed me we were leaving at 8am to go Mountain Biking at Levis the next morning. Well we kept partying and I finally made it to bed around 3. It was fun, some karaoke, some poker, all was good!

Saturday, somehow I made it up by 7:30. Of course I wasn’t feeling good but pretty soon it was 8am and I had to go. I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast which I regret. We get to Levis and it was going to be a rough one. I was a bit hung over, super tired, riding with 2 elite riders (and no one else), it was snowing, etc. I lasted about 2 hours, unfortunately the ride lasted over 2 and a half for me, and then I bonked. The last half hour or so was a struggle. I laid my bike down a lot and have some good bruises as well. Before that I was riding pretty well! But all and all it was fun! Finally those guys drug me to Taco Bell (ha!) and I felt like I was recovering good. Got home a little after 6 and was dead tired and slept most of the night with Nascar and football in the background. So they have this new trail at Levis that is by far the best trail I’ve ridden in Wisconsin, maybe anywhere. Technical, sketchy, beautiful, challenging, etc but nothing I couldn’t handle. It’s not even on the map yet! I had to stop at the top just to take it all in, we were all impressed! Oh yeah, an elite rider's easy pace is a lot different than a sport rider easy pace...

Sunday was the worst of them all, it was not only painful but there was also no redeeming quality that made the day tolerable. I woke up and ate my typical bike race breakfast. Only this time it sat like a brick. I didn’t feel good at all but just figured I was a little worn from riding the day before. I get to Lapham Peak near Delafield for my 10am cross race. Kelson and Jen are there as well and Kelson and I register for the 4’s. We did two warm-up laps and are among the last two to toe the line. Didn’t stop us from getting right in the front. From the start we both took off, Kelson in 3rd and myself in 4th. The top 3 with Kelson took off and I pretty much held everyone back from 4th on for a while as my legs didn’t have it. It was a downward pack slide of epic proportions. I am guessing I ended up around 30th place. I was really frustrated. So I drove back and I got home and ate some lunch. That was the end of me. I threw up a ton and was just in rough shape and I was either in the bathroom or on the couch all night. I had a headache, my stomach killed and I had a fever. So I am guessing my race went pretty bad because of all of these factors, but especially because I was illin’. On the plus side, I did beat people that beat me last year, but the people I finished with last week were in the Top 10 so that sucks. And I get no points since I was outside the Top 20. Oh and Kelson? He went ahead and won it. Which makes me really happy since if I can’t win something it might as well be someone like him. Jen got 2nd in her race too, so the Danielson household was probably really happy! Jerry also scored a third so it was a pretty darn good day of cross for those who weren’t me!!!

Now it’s Monday. I still feel crappy but I made it to work and am sticking it out pretty good. Of course I can’t and haven’t ate a thing today but I am working hard to stay hydrated. I hope all is well and am hoping to feel better by Wednesday for Jess’ birthday!