The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Good dogs & bad dogs.

I hate Mike Vick. He is a jerk. It’s a felony in the United States and I hope they lock his ass up for a long time. What good is this guy?

Of course this morning wasn’t the best morning for a certain dog. Actually I am sure he enjoyed it much more than me. I woke up really early today (4:45) because I couldn’t sleep. I wake up and Chili is not in bed. Oh no, not again. It was still dark so I went outside and Chili looked guilty. I found two bags and one can of treats all open and eaten. He ate probably 10 T-Bones treats, 2 fake pigs ears and probably about 100 liver treats.

I am 82% done with Midnight Club 3. I am doing the Pro Street Racing US Tour and after that all I’ll have left are a few motorcycle stages on both Choppers and Race bikes and some scattered other races. It just might be the most fun driving game ever and a Top 10 game for sure. I best hurry up though as I have a game called Bully waiting in the wings. Weekend should be fun! Poker Tourney tonight, basketball and a dodgeball tournament tomorrow and a whole lot of nothing on Sunday.

This guy is male(or so he says) and a semi-pro mountain bike racer

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Entirely Random...

Here is how I spent the 15 minutes it took me to cook a pizza.


Video Games



All You Tube. Oh yeah, I broiled my pizza instead of baked...what the hell am I going to eat now?

Monday, April 23, 2007


Well the weekend has come and gone and we all made it through. Going to a funeral is never fun. It was an open casket but sadly it didn’t even look like my grandpa in there. The visitation, service and burial were all very tough for everyone. But other than that, it was a great celebration of his life and it was good to be with the family. Everyone seems to be doing ok considering so that’s really good. I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of emotional stuff as I know you come here for fluff and food.

As for the rest of the weekend, we were just plain busy. Thursday night we had kickball but we lost 7-5. I got tagged as the losing pitcher and only went 1-3. Guh! We went out after to the Hubbard Ave Diner for some comfort food with some friends. It was a really good time and a much needed distraction.

Friday we had off for some travel. I got in almost 2 hours of basketball in the morning and we just chilled and ran some errands in the morning. We left in the afternoon and stopped for lunch at the Tomah Taco Bell. Taco Bell finally had the long awaited often rumored 7-Layer Crunchwrap. We saw one in Florida last September but didn’t get a chance to try it and since then we haven’t seen it. Alas the 7-Layer Crunchwrap is overrated. It was an inconsistent liquidy mess. Between liquid beans, sour cream, guacamole, red sauce and nacho cheese, every bite was different and inconsistent. I’ll take the regular Crunchwrap please although it was still better than the spicy chicken version.

We proceeded up to Colfax for the visitation and after that we went to my aunt and uncles to eat and hang out. We got back to Rice Lake pretty late although my dad and the Beav headed over to Minneapolis to pick up Larkin at the airport and didn’t get back to RL until 2:30am. Guh! Saturday started early as we had to leave by 8:45am, which really sucked for my dad and brothers. The funeral was in Colfax so we spent a few hours there, but the burial was 2 hours south in Bangor so then we all got in cars and drove south. After the burial we headed to another aunt & uncles house. They live on a hill that overlooks a river. My cousin got out his golf clubs for fun! We each (about 5 of us) hit drives into the river. Now normally with 25 people watching I’d be prime for a legendary shank. Instead I uncorked the best drive I’ve probably ever had. That was pretty sweet! After that we headed up to Black River Falls to see my other Grandma. We picked her up and went to the best restaurant in Wisconsin, Palm’s Supper Club. They have the best chicken anywhere. There chicken is so good that it might be the single best food item anywhere. Now that would be an interesting list wouldn’t it. Oh yeah, and they changed how they serve chicken and my 3pc dinner is now a 5pc dinner. Insane! I was so tired from the weekend that we decided to just drive back home, instead of to Rice Lake just to sleep and then back home.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation and some yard work. I got up and got groceries, some coffee and read the news paper. After that I decided to do some yard work. I get outside and it seemed perfect for a ride so I fixed my bike and went out and did a Belleville loop. I felt pretty good. The crazy part of the ride (something crazy happens on about every ride) was that I was on a section of Frenchtown I’ve never been on before when 3 deer ran out into the road straight towards me. They turned sharply left and went down to the river. The river was nice and deep and they were up to their neck when trudging through it. I’ve never seen a deer do that, it was hilarious and I stopped to watch. After that ride I got home and Jess and I went back out to ride to the east side for some Gelato. It was super windy and I was on my cross bike and well, I was getting smoked by Jess. My HR was 5 beats higher on the second ride and I went pretty hard the first ride. I was just trying to hang on the whole time. I should’ve taken my road bike as she seemed to be beating on me. I guess that is what I get trying to ride twice in one day when I haven’t ridden in almost a month. Anyways, I rode 58 miles yesterday but got some Gelato and even ran into Vale. After that we headed to research park to watch some crits as I had a bunch of friends racing. It was super exciting racing with Jerry actually taking the sprint for the win. I’d assume it was his best cycling achievement. Plus we got to see some random dude take a helmet and collarbone slide. We watched one more race where a guy I know broke his wrist. It’s a dangerous sport. We went to Olive Garden with the in-laws after that which was really nice and then back home for some Amazing Race which was exciting. Weekend over…