The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Person of the week(s): Paul Walker
Some people think I am gay for Paul Walker. Not that there is anything wrong with that but actually I am just a big fan. He’s starred with some of my favorite actors (and unfortunately Steve Zahn and Matthew Lillard as well) and only one movie of his I didn’t like (Timeline.) He starred in two of my all time faves, Varsity Blues and Fast and the Furious and also in one of my guilty pleasures She’s All That Anyways, the next two Fridays Paul Walker movies open up at the theater. So here’s a little contest (for a beer of your choice in my fridge,) name the movie that this photo is from:

Hint if you need it: In this movie he starred with someone from one of my favorite TV shows of all time (and no it isn’t Varsity Blues, but you might have the right TV show at least…)

Anyways, about the two movies, they couldn’t be any more opposite. 8 below is a movie about Sled Dogs produced by Disney. Running Scared is a movie about sex and mob violence. In fact I encourage you if you want to play something totally insane to go to the Running Scared website and play the game. Play the mature levels (it has been recommended that you use a dummy e-mail address to get in) and play well enough to get to level 3. Do whatever it takes. It is quite the shocker. You’ve been warned…oh yeah, don’t do it at work, you’ll likely get fired. I haven't played passed level 3 (which is really easy) so I have no idea what awaits us after the fact. Needless to say, a couple hours of the next two Fridays will be spent at the theater...see you there!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

12”+ of snow expected today.

Daytona Twin 125’s at 1pm, can you say 3 hour lunch break? My job sucks right now anyways but that’ll have to be for another post! J

Anyways, the best blog going right now is from J.Bro. Please go here and read all the articles on Detroit and watch the video on St. Paul. I love Detroit and for the city to be restored to some of it’s greatness in the past would be a modern miracle. Of course there are a lot of bad people in Detroit so who knows what the potential is. Values have eroded so badly there that revitalization might not even be worth the effort.

I wonder what Riz is doing right now?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It’s Wednesday and I suck! At pottery that is! Last night we had our 3rd pottery class. Although I made 2 keepable pots I spend pretty much 2:30 ruining pots. I must’ve attempted 7 or so. Anyways, wheel pottery isn’t as easy as it looks. When I try to be graceful I don’t use enough power and when I try to be powerful I don’t use enough grace. I assume it is possible to balance the two but right now I’m not even close. 2 classes left, here’s to hoping I can salvage 4 more pots in those two classes and get one pot to actually fire right (my one fired pot has a serious Oprah crack on it.)

Anyways, that is how I spent Valentines. A run, a ride, 8 hours of work, a half-hour of chill time, three and a half hours of pottery time, a little cuddle time and way too little sleep time as I got up early this morning.

As for riding I kicked out a little over 16 miles in an hour or so on the cross bike. I also tried to do 1 legged intervals but could only keep them for maybe 20 seconds at a pop. I think I need to slow the cadence but the wind was brutal. Did a couple sprints on the way back too and could really feel it in the lungs which is good. Hoping to get out at lunch again today before the big snow tonight. Weather forecasts for the rest of this week really suck, especially knowing that my endurance runs this weekend will be on treadmills.

Oh yeah, I am not officially fat anymore! I got my results back from my Vision Quest performance test and my body fat is now 17.9%. 19% and above are overweight and 30% and above are obese. I am guessing 3 years ago I was technically obese so I’ve got that going for me. The last time I was checked was about a year ago and I was 20.0% so despite weighing about the same I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. I’ve got a lot of other info to post but that’ll have to wait for another post! I am still trying to figure out what all this means…lactic threshold, etc... I’ve also got lots of links to post so stay tuned…

Monday, February 13, 2006

Well another weekend has passed way too quickly but it was a good time nonetheless. First of all, the training stats for the weekend:
Friday: 1hr of basketball, 5 mile run
Saturday: 1:45 of basketball, 12.5 mile run, hit a third of an XL bucket of golf balls
Sunday: 1hr trainer ride, 5 mile run, core workout (ride/run brick as triathletes call them)

I finally ran a long distance run and I realize that I was pretty good at it (and the songs on my MP3 player get old fast.) Should be on track if I decide to try Madison marathon and if not my Ironman running training is off to a great start. The next couple months will be a base period for cycling, building towards peak for running and the reintroduction of swimming into my workouts. Sounds fun huh? All for one race (except the cycling parts.)

Anyways, I am about more than training so lets talk about the rest of the weekend. Friday night was nice and lazy, a trip to Star to watch Curious George and then back home to watch the Pacific Cycle Team DVD, some Ron White and a couple episodes of Growing Pains (including the original pilot that had some random girl playing Carol in place of Tracey Gold. Crazy! Saturday after workouts we did some speed house cleaning then picked my car up at the Y, a little Taco Bell and then my parents (and the Beav) came. We hung out, watched some Olympics and Badgers hockey and hoops and went to the golf dome. We then went to Pizza Oven and then back home and played some games. Sunday we went to brunch where the Larsons met the Smulkas which was a great success, to Sam’s Club and then the Larsons left. After doing a couple hours of workouts, hitting the hot tub, doing some core workouts I then watched some Nascar before going out to eat (Dotty’s) with the Smulkas. Dotty’s is highly recommended…if only their prices were cheaper… And there goes the weekend, such is life. 40 more work hours and it will be the weekend again! Yippee!!!! Back to back Paul Walker movie weekends, back to back fun social events, lots of training and basketball planned, Daytona 500! Should be a good couple of weekends! I wonder what Shiroma is doing right now?