The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Days are here again…

More money making opportunities here: Mmmm Donuts
Why Tim Horton’s and Dunkin Donuts don’t dominate the world is a mystery to me. They make better bagels than most bagel shops and better coffee than most coffee shops. Add in the world’s best donuts (they make my first, third and fifth favorite donuts) and some locations that serve fresh sandwiches, ice cream and hot chocolate and I don’t understand why anyone would go anywhere else. Also, you can buy Baja Fresh, which although it isn’t doing well it has a serious niche market. Revamp some menu items to cater to the Riz’s and Dakin’s of the world and you’re good to go! Anyone have any capital for me?

Weekend will be good! Tonight is low-key, probably some pizzas and some America’s Funniest Home Videos…I love that show. Lots of people make fun of it but I guarantee that if you sit down and watch it for an hour you’ll laugh several times. So bite me!
Saturday will be some hoops and then the bike ride that I guess I can’t back out of. Not sure if the weird weather provisio or the leaders jersey is in effect…but I guess I’ll be there anyways. Chuckles is putting the finishing touches on my mountain bike as well, perhaps it will be ready today? Anyways, Saturday night is a big mystery surprise…involving all you can eat steak fries…hell they don’t read my blog anyways…I don’t think at least…
Sunday will be some more training (run and bike perhaps?) and then time to celebrate Jess’ parents birthdays which are Sunday and Monday.

Oh yeah, I tried the new diet Dew on Saturday. It ranks in there about with Pitch Black, it is much better than prior diet Dews and is probably my second favorite diet soda (Coke Zero isn’t bad either.) They are the only two that aren’t bad… C2 is probably the best option, 70 calories per can, pretty much tastes like Coke. It’s a half-assed diet soda…I can respect that!

I guess that is all I’ve got…

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things I gave up for lent:
The Winter Olympics

Today’s inspiration: Fries (which I can once again have) and Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurries (which I hope are still in style when I go to Canada in late April.)

Ride, Saturday 10am, the lot on Seminole by the bike path, 2-1/2 hours, road. Forecast: 35-40 degrees, sunny, light winds...actual: 27 degrees, sleet & drizzle, 15 mph headwind from all directions. Don't give up bikes for lent...

Well it is the middle of the week again, 24 hours more of work. Most importantly, it is now Fry Day! The only questions is where…not if! Chilis? Whitneys? Tumbleweed? Hubbard St? It’s narrowed down to those 4 for many reasons. Oh yeah, for the record, I dropped 5lbs in the month and didn’t even touch a potato; didn’t cheat once. Jess also didn’t have any potatoes that I know of!

Anyways, do you need a house? I’ve got a deal for you! Jess is selling Russ’ house right now. It is listed on FSBO but she will be doing all the work to help Russ out since he is all busy being in Columbus. The house has a great location and is in great shape and Russ did a lot of work to it. If you are interested let me know, I’ll see if I can get you a deal. It is a great biker house with an extra long garage and only about ¼ mile from some serious bike path action. Plus you’d live like 1 mile from us! You really can’t go wrong!

Jerry is making me ride my bike outside this weekend. He’s a lot faster than me as he is an expert and I am a sport. He’s got probably about 1500 more miles than I do this season (1583-83) and 35 degrees is balmy for him. Here’s to hoping a lot of others show up! I’ll let you know when the rides are! I might even ride a little today if the rain holds off. My February running total however was 111.5 miles.

Pottery is officially done. I am not done though, I have to have my pots fired, could be a couple weeks, then I have to come in and glaze them quick. I think I have 7 to glaze…one already has a large crack. If I can salvage 1-2 decent pots I’ll be happy! We lost our basketball game again on Monday. Next Monday we play the other 0-4 team, so we’ll see who sucks the most!

A girl we work with is getting a new boxer puppy and naming it Bianca. She already has a Boston Terrier like us so we assume she wants to be just like us. Her boxer is white though, here is a photo of her at 2 weeks old.

Monday, February 27, 2006

It appears I am on some sort of Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule. I was going to post yesterday but got really busy. Anyways, I know everyone is wondering how I spent my weekend, so here goes:

Friday: Went to the Ultra Screen and watch Running Scared. It was insane and totally not something I’d normally watch. That being said, I loved it! And Jess did too (despite turning her head countless times.) This was a pretty graphic movie that was very twisted and intense. Check it out on the Ultra this week if you get a chance. Grabbed some Pizza Hut on the way home and just chilled.

Saturday: I got up to play basketball. I brought a lot of gear with actually, I was going to do an easy run and then a nice swim after. Well, running was my whore on Saturday and after a couple hours of basketball my 5 mile treadmill workout turned into 7 and then turned into 10. I ran 10 miles in 86 minutes so that was pretty good! Then I was really sweaty. I decided to go and swim too, just a quick 1000. Took me about 25-30 minutes (two 500’s with a 5 minute break) and that was nice and refreshing. So that was a good 4 hour workout. I then went to Russ’ as he was in town for a bit. We hung out and now Jess is going to try and sell his house (more info to follow.) Jess had to go but I went out to lunch with Russ, his parents & Angie. We went to Red Robin which tested my no potato month…but I got nachos! After I got back I was beat. I tried to sleep but Can’t Hardly Wait was on TV and I kept staying awake to watch it. After that we had to go to the Dodgeball tourney. I was regretting going as soon as we saw the set-up. We could only play 6 players instead of the normal 8 (so we had 2 subs.) We played in a racquetball court. It was ugly. Our first three games (in which I played 2) were done in about 4 minutes 0-3. I threw one ball. We then had a 1:50 wait. Guh! We were able to play a little basketball during that wait. The next game went better, we won 2 of 3 and they changed the rules a bit so you had to be a bit farther back when you threw. After game 2 I was even able to get in a core workout for about 25 minutes. We then played 2 more pretty quick (1-2, 2-1.) It was an ok time but we are a more strategic team and there is minimal strategy in a racquetball court. A quick stop to Taco Bell on the way home was in order…and then some sleep!

Sunday: I slept in until 7:45, read the paper, and then got to the Y at 9 for a quick 5 mile recovery run. I figured then I would have all Sunday to get some work done. Vale called me when I was leaving at the Y and invited me to the Badger/Gopher basketball game. Just couldn’t pass that up. A little hot tub and some leftover pizza and I was to the Badger game. I brought Jess with so she could work on some pottery. The Badgers won and the game was awesome, thanks Vale! I got home to watch a little Nascar and do some laundry, only to get back in the car to head to Laredos for dinner with Jess’ parents. Yummy! Then back home to see the end of the race and some Simpsons, finishing up some laundry and bam! End of the weekend!

Oh yeah, while doing laundry I tripped on something on the stairs, took a big digger and rolled my ankle. It is still sore this morning but nothing I can’t handle…just wasn’t fun!

I’ve decided to get a Mini DV camcorder. After all is said and done, that is the best way to go. I am also hoping to redo my hard-drive on my computer. My computer is seriously messed up and slow as ass…needs a big-time change. So I am hoping to back a bunch of crap up this week and maybe do the whole hard-drive thing this weekend. Wish me luck!

Not much else is up. Last pottery class is tomorrow. Two more basketball games, 3 more puppy classes. Training is in full force as I hope to swim 2-3 times a week for cross training and up the cycling, all at the expense of basketball and free time. Hope everyone had a good weekend!