The Waffle House Chronicles...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Winter Wonderland

2008 Topps came out on Wednesday. I didn't get any yet, but here is something I might get to look forward to.

Week was crazy with big-time winter storm action. After work on Tuesday I went out to the dog park and all was well although the snow had started. Jess and I headed to Elver to go sledding which was a blast. Two inches of powder on top of icy snow made for some sweet ridng. Tuesday night was supposed to be big. Wasn't much, like 3-4 inches. Wednesday I snowblowed and then went to work and the snow started in. It got so bad that I got to leave at 1 and head home. Snowblowed again and then made lunch. Jess and I hunkered down. Went out a third time to snowblow that evening before calling it a night and we made smores and hate some warm chocolate chip cookies that our neighbors made. Thursday I got up and once again cleared snow, this time the icy residue from the plow. Thursday basically was work and then home. Yesterday I finally got out to play some basketball. Rocked a Victor Allens latte on my way to work too! I now officially work for Cannondale Sports Group too although that only means my e-mail address has changed and a few minor other procedural changes. We bowled last night and played awful. We lost two close games before getting "blowed out" in the third. This morning I slept like crap so it's 4am and I am blogging this crap!

My camera hasn't been used this year I don't think so yet another photoless post. Tonight is the big movie double feature (Goonies and Ferris Bueller's Day Off) so that should be fun. Hope all is well and thanks for reading!

Monday, February 04, 2008


So this happened today. Some how I thought Pacific was going to buy Cannondale and not Dorel. It'll be an interesting few months at work, not just because of my new job. I can't wait! I probably shouldn't comment further as you never know who might read this and really there isn't much else to say.

Last night someone referred to me as a trophy husband. I was honored. I guess I am too old for my old title of "teen hearthrob" although I am sure that I still have the jurisdiction to play a high schooler in hollywood.

Speaking of last night, the game was boring...until it got awesome. Which is the reverse of many Super Bowls. Glad the Giants won, if I am going to see history I'd rather it be from a team that's not the Patriots (or Ravens or Cowboys or Bears or Vikings or Raiders or Etc.) Plus 1-0 is all that matters in any given game. Also I have a new candidate for the worst food ever. It's called spicy fried chicken and it's from Popeyes. It tastes good. When you bite down it's like biting a wet mitten, but except for dirty ass water it's all grease. It's spicy. But I am 2 for 2 on puking roughly 8 hours after eating it. I last tried about 5 years ago, puked, considered it an abnormaility. Now I think that's the way. The combo of spicy and greasy is just too much. So I am done, consume your own at your own risk. Every time I puke my face swells up so it looks like I just got my ass kicked.

Looks like tonight is going to be one of those rain all day, freeze and snow all night deals. Maybe the 10th time this year. Love this stuff (stupid groundhog.) Had lots of boxer time this weekend with lots of boxers and it was awesome!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wickity Whack!

This weekend has been a whack weekend!

-Friday night we went to Abuelos, they messed up our nachos. Half shredded beef and half bean somehow translated into half shredded beef and half bean and ground beef. Huh. We send them back and they come back out with just half an order, the shredded beef, for me. Jess has to wait. I have like 4 of my 5 down and then they finally bring Jess' and she only gets 4 total, which is a 20% loss to her. And no condiments for her. That's whack.

-Friday night I watched Friday Night Lights, which is always whack. After that I turned to HBO and watched the Bob Saget stand-up special. It was totally whack! I couldn't look away, I don't know what else to say. You all need to experience it, it's not good but it's whack. I was much that I woke up at 4 and couldn't sleep anymore, which was whack!

-Saturday morning I played basketball and then went to the square to meet Kyle and have some coffee and watch the ski races on the square. Our timing was bad, they had nothing going on at first. How is this whack? This guy came up to Kyle and I and said he needed a couple tall guys to help him with a speaker. Two tall guys and Kyle in the same sentence? That's whack! The dude who asked might have been 5' though.

-Dish Network is whack. Although we get local HD channels I guess they come through a seperate antenna that sucks. I can get locals upstairs but not downstairs. I feel misled...which is whack.

-Saturday night we went to Unos. My burger was half cooked and raw on one side (the left side, not even up and down.) That's whack. They fixed it and it was a great burger. Went to a musical/play thing called Muskie Love. It was a musical about living in Northern Wisconsin. It was awesome, 'cause it was kinda whack! :)

-It's Sunday morning. Nothing whack this morning yet. We'll see as we're off to the dog park to meet some boxer friends...boxers are always whack!