The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

48 hours and counting…

It’s weird to think that 2 days from now I’ll be married to the girl of my dreams. It’s also weird to think that in 5 days I’ll be back at work and be married and everything we’ve prepared for the past year will already be a memory. In some ways I’ll be relieved. In others it will be sad. 2006 was full of big events and Saturday will mark the biggest and best event of them all. Of course on Sunday the calendar resets and it’ll be on to the next challenge. Of course there will be many challenges in the future, some of them I am prepared for and some I don’t even know how anyone could prepare for.

Not much else going on outside of wedding-dom. I’ve been slightly illin’ for the past week so that hasn’t been fun but I keep fighting it off and will be good to go for Saturday.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Whirlwind Tour Part 1

Sorry about my lack of updates. I’ve been busy and when not busy I’ve been tired. Here is the cliff notes version of my last week and a half:

Friday 12/15- We had the Pacific Cycle Christmas party. Perhaps you read about it in the paper? 20+ people got food poisoning and when you combine that with the 60+ from two other parties that weekend it was front page! Fortunately neither Jess nor I took part in the food poisoning and we had a great time! Some good drinks, crappy food and good people! Stayed out there until midnight.

Saturday 12/16- Jess and I went to our respective parties (read below) and rocked out!

Sunday 12/17- Woke up without a big hangover which was nice. Had lunch with the Beav and then watched the Packers game which was good! Got home in time to go to Kieran’s 1st birthday party. He didn’t even like cake, not to eat nor to play with. But everything else was fun (good people and good eats)! Happy Birthday Kieran! Finished the night at Great Dane with Jess’ family.

Monday 12/18- We probably worked on wedding things.

Tuesday 12/19- We met with the caterer to go over the final numbers. Everything is on track. I then ate some Taco Bell for lunch.

Wednesday 12/20- Our awesome co-workers threw Jess and I a surprise Wedding shower/lunch type thing. It was awesome, we got a great gift and got some free lunch and got to hang out with some of our favorite co-workers. We also got done with work early to honor our CEO (and an old HR guy) as they are leaving at the end of the year. A pretty sweet work day I must say!’

Thursday 12/21- Somehow I made it through a whole day of work. We had a secret santa gift exchange as well, only problem is that my secret santa didn’t come through with a present. So I guess at some point I’ll get one more present. We left work at 4 to go to the Dells. We were checked in, changed and hitting the slides at Great Wolf Lodge by 5:30. They have this big-ass funnel ride where you are on a 2 or 4 person tube that was insanely fun, especially at night. We rocked out tons of slides in about 1:15 and then were hungry. We made two calls to see if anyone had the Packer game. Nope. Went to Pizzeria Unos by the hotel…low and behold, they had it! Sat there for over three hours. Great food and a great Packer win! Came back to the hotel and crashed big time.

Friday 12/22- I woke up early (as usual) and decided to look for coffee. Wisconsin Dells on a foggy Friday morning at 6am is dead, not even an open gas station. I did however find a Starbucks so I sat there sipping a latte and doing puzzles. Made it back to the hotel and picked up Jess for breakfast. We made it back and were sliding at 8:30. Again it was dead so we rocked all the slides we could for a little over an hour, played some video games, were out of there at 11 and went shopping. Lots of shopping and lots of hard rain. I even saw a couple PS3s. We got home and watch You, Me and Dupree. Finally we went out to Belleville for Christmas with Jess’ extended family (which is basically Jess’ family +5.) They always have a delicious spread and that night was no exception. Plus there are two fun kids to play with. Always a good time.

Saturday 12/23- Woke up early to play basketball. Good hoopin’. Got home and we chilled out a bunch. Met Jess’ family for lunch and Christmas! Got some sweet gifts and gave some sweet gifts. I’ll have to show y’all this insane photo book I got from my wife to be. We hung out for a while and then went to the movie We Are Marshall. If you at all like sport movies, I highly recommend this. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen as it was super dramatic, very funny and a most excellent story. So check it out. We hung out for a couple more hours before going home to crash big time.

Sunday 12/24- Woke up and went over to the Smulkas for some breakfast. We then made the trek up to BRF for some more Christmas. We hung out with my family and went to Taco Johns. We then went to my aunt and uncle’s house and played cards and watched football. Once again we had a delicious spread from which to feast upon and then some presents. I was stuffed and tired. Jess drove us up to Rice Lake which was awesome. We then crashed big time.

Monday 12/25- Woke up early and ran some errands for my mom (which was cool since then I could get some coffee.) Finally everyone woke up and we started some more Christmas. Got tons and tons of gifts. I got a framed Rad Movie poster print and some crazy insane Sudoku from Japan. I got some gift cards and cash and just so much stuff it’s impossible to list. I even got some chips from Seattle. And a book that lists the best professional athletes by each jersey number. Most importantly though everyone had a great time and I got to spend time with my 8mo niece. We then loaded up the car and headed down to Colfax for Christmas some more. One more bountiful spread and some fun times later (we had what is a Larson family euchre first where Larkin, Beav and I each had successive successful loaners. 3 brothers each with a loaner in 3 consecutive hands.) Then the long drive back to Madison and some Xmas presents for the dogs. Then it was bed.

12/26- Now it’s Tuesday morning and I am readying for work. Guh! 3 days of work, 4 days of wedding and family fun, 4 days of work, 9 days not at work (most of them on a cruise.) The whirlwind tour continues…