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Thursday, December 28, 2006

48 hours and counting…

It’s weird to think that 2 days from now I’ll be married to the girl of my dreams. It’s also weird to think that in 5 days I’ll be back at work and be married and everything we’ve prepared for the past year will already be a memory. In some ways I’ll be relieved. In others it will be sad. 2006 was full of big events and Saturday will mark the biggest and best event of them all. Of course on Sunday the calendar resets and it’ll be on to the next challenge. Of course there will be many challenges in the future, some of them I am prepared for and some I don’t even know how anyone could prepare for.

Not much else going on outside of wedding-dom. I’ve been slightly illin’ for the past week so that hasn’t been fun but I keep fighting it off and will be good to go for Saturday.


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