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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It’s Wednesday…It’s Halloween…it’s almost freakin’ November. Crazy!

Haven’t done all that much since I last checked in with y’all. Monday night we went to Jess’ parents house for some good food and a most excellent Packers game. Can’t believe the way it ended, Greg Jennings making two good plays in overtime (one correct coin flip call followed by an 85 yard touchdown catch) was awesome!

I was nice and tired on Tuesday. But I made it through. Went freeride mountain biking at lunch which was a blast! Got to see some awesome riding and had fun trying things myself and saw Kyle execute a spectacular face plant. After work we went to dinner with Kyle and Tracy to the Dane. Lots of new menu items kept it fresh. We then prebowled. I finally threw down a 506 series which is pretty good for me. I was mad though, left a 3 pin basket on my first shot and then missed all three on my second to score a 198 in the second game. Most importantly though, we had a great time! Got home in time to basically fall asleep.

Wednesday is here now. Dressed up again as Donkey Kong for work, to go along with others. We added a Mario, lost a Wario and got a different Peach. It was fun, lots of good costumes this year. Chili still has one week before he is cleared for full dog park duty...but we got him a muzzle so that will have to suffice as I am about to take him! After that we will sit at home and pretend we aren't home.

Here is us today:

Here's me 10 years ago:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Another weekend down- Photo Share

Another weekend down.

Thursday was good. Watched Transformers (finally) and it is quality. Not quite the movie of the year or anything but still really good and with a couple exceptions if you are reading this blog you should watch it. Jess had a good trip to Seattle. She saw Anna

And a future conquest

Friday was good. Got smoked in our office foosball tournament. After work we did some (unsuccessful costume & successful grocery) shopping and watched some TV, that was basically our night. Messed around with the boxer a bit when we got home too

Saturday I got up and played basketball. Went pretty well. Then headed out to walk the dogs and then down to the Farmers’ Market with Jess. Of course that 1 hour span was the 1 hour it decided to be cold, wet and windy that day. We did hit Barriques on the square for some coffee and a cookie which was fun. Then we headed to the east side to resume costume shopping. But Farm & Fleet decided that they needed less crappy clothes (brown sweat suits) and more quality clothes. Hit Taco Bell quick before heading to Shopko and Hobby Lobby (yes, I was that desperate) and finally found the stuff I needed (Jess was basically done at that point.) Spent the rest of the afternoon watching football and making costumes, right up until it was go time. We then picked up Beth (Dean is a wuss) and headed out to Blue Mound. The party was a lot of fun, good food and drinks and company and awesome costumes. I think everyone had a pretty good time! Got home late. I didn't recognize Kyle and Tracy (actually I didn't recognize Kyle so I didn't think to look for Tracy

Here we are as a group...if only we had some Karts.There is so much wrong in this's almost right...

Donkey Kong loves his ladies...hairy!

And this photo was just way too cute not to include!

Sunday I slept too little and then just did very little. Made a quick trip to Super Target and pretty much wasted away a day of perfect fall weather. I did start a big-ass Puzz3d and played some video games and watched football and cleaned the house so now I am recharged to start the week. And I ended the weekend with an awesome burger and company!

Looks like I’ll even go 2-0 this week in fantasy football, dominating two of my most loyal blog readers!

Once again it’s Monday. Got in a good weight lifting session to start my morning and then off to work. (Quarry Ridge + lunch + 29 inches + 60 degrees= fun) So far tonight I've walked the dogs and raked the backyard leaves. Now just a little chill time before heading off to watch the Packers. Oh yeah, last night the Red Sox won. What’s not to hate about the Red Sox? They basically are just a smarter version of the Yankees. A crappy end to an otherwise great season. Thanks for reading and hopefully you are ok even after seeing Riz in a dress!