The Waffle House Chronicles...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cleveland Steamer

Cleveland was hot as advertised, so much for lake effect. Had a great time at the Dew Tour and will post more soon! Now it's back to real work for me, free weekends are overrated anyways, right?

The bummer part is that I lost my camera at the airport on the way back...guh! Trying to contact an airport about something that doesn't have my name on it is a pain in the ass so likely my camera is long gone. While the cheap camera is replaceable the blog post that would've accompanied said photos is priceless (and now worth nothing because it will remain unwritten.)

However the gist of the 5 night Dew Tour extravaganza is this:

Sore feet, bruised everything, sweat, happy kids, Shaun White, bike riding, eating, walking everywhere, coffee, Mike Spinner, 1st place in the dirt for one of our riders, too little sleep, Ray's MTB park, farmer's tan, missing home, loving Cleveland, Wendys, bmx dirt track, flights, good times, hot!!!