The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Welcome to Madison, Fuddruckers...Oh I can't wait until early March! We love you Fudd!!!

So it finally happened. I do a lot of running and riding on the bike path between Pacific and the Fieldhouse. In many spots the bike path is elevated and when dark you can see into people’s houses. I’ve assumed at some point I would see someone at an inappropriate time. This morning while running is when it happened, nudity from the bike path. Unfortunately it was an overweight nekked dude. Guh! Not cool! I figured most people would have appropriate window coverings for their houses, but they clearly have no window covering for an upstairs bathroom. I was running an out and back so 10-12 minutes later I would run by again, this time the window was so foggy from the apparent shower that took place, leading me to believe that instead of window coverings they just jump in the shower asap and let the fog take over.

Anyways wedding planning is in full swing! We have many ideas but I don’t want to spoil them for those who are lucky enough to get invited! It should be an outstanding time! Shiroma proposed the 80’s wedding…which would be pretty cool so we’ll look into that. We could be white trash and do a Packer wedding where everyone wears something Packer and Jess and I can bust out some matching Favre jerseys…or not! We’ll get it figured out soon!

So I’ve gained 8 pounds this winter. Which would have been dangerously more if I hadn’t fought food poisoning for 5 days in mid-December. Unfortunately 8lbs extra pounds doesn’t look that good on me (it goes all to the stomach) so I am looking for creative ideas that don’t suck. Actually I know what I need to do…I just have to do it. No worries though, when spring and summer bring 5 hour training days and I am too tired to eat it should balance out (it always has before!) I did run 7.2 miles yesterday and another 5 this morning. I am creating my schedule for 2006 right now as well and Jay is creating our team website. I have a lot of work to do to get the team going in 2006, that’s for sure! People tell me it is important to have a training plan to be an Ironman so I am looking into that as well as incorporating my own little twists on training.

Anyways, on to the fun times! Last night Shiroma, Riz, Jess and I went to visit Jake and Laura (and Isabela) in Beaver Dam. There was rumored to be a The Rick sighting as well which was confirmed when we passed him in Sun Prairie on the way. Funny, Rick was at their house a couple months ago, we passed him 25 minutes from their house yet he got there a good 25-30 minutes after us. He got lost… Back to the evening, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for Jake and Laura so I am hoping we were a pleasant diversion from life’s reality. Going to their place is always a good time! Seeing all the changes to their home is a blast and borderline amazing! Their house is so cool! We hung out and conversed over beers and then went to Dos Gringos Mexican restaurant (which means two gringos.) They have the crappiest salsa I’ve ever tasted, hands down, so bad I couldn’t eat it. Everything else there was great, they took me 4 item combo plate and melted a bunch of cheese (queso) on it…outstanding! Afterwards the stop at the legendary Cheese House was in vain…it was closed. I figured as much so my dreams of even more cheese and milk shakes was dashed…which means another visit! Oh yeah, and we are going to go to some place in Horicon who makes custom brats. I guess you can get a cheese and bacon stuffed brat there (awesome)…but I now dream of mexibrats which they might or might not be able to make. It was a fun time and hopefully we will be back soon! Also note in this photo who Isabela is looking at! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am sure you've seen it but this guy is pretty random!

Speaking of random, when Jess and I get married, we might stay here. Or perhaps I can recreate that room in our house...probably not.

Brent says: "A friend of mine had a teammate get hit by a truck while riding his Colnago. Believe it or not, the guy was ok." Check out the photo:

Person of the week:

Athough I was originally leaning towards Jess (for obvious reasons) I was able to rationalize the concept of not choosing her due to she already wins the person of the life award! OK cheesy, well I can throw in the fact that she in fact cost me a lot of money this week (although she was worth that and any amount more.) OK Cheesy again I know, but I am newly engaged so I am allowed. Anyways I am sure Hez doesn’t want to share all of her person of the week award space with this so lets get on to it. So here you go, Riz and Mark agree...Hez is the person of the week!

What did Hez do for me? She conned a dozen of my closest friends into coming to our house for the big day, she was there to support and help me all last week through numerous phone calls and e-mails. She pretty much made Dean, MJ and Andy come to the party! She (along with Tad) got me an awesome neon buzz lightyear clock! She spent way too much money helping this party become a reality. She held in a close secret from almost a month. She gambled and lost on our engagement date (way to go Riz!) She gave up a significant portion of her valuable weekend to help and support Jess and I. I am almost positive she did a bunch of other things as well but last week was pretty frantic for me so I probably forgot them! Anyways, here you go! Person of the week!!! Congratulations!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Holy weekend! What are all these pictures about? Just the best birthday I've ever had! :) It took a lot of work and alot of help from friends, some who were even unknowing participants! Here is the background:

I've been waiting for 2006 to come to propose to Jess. Well my New Years plan didn't work out the way I wanted it to so I decided to do it for my birthday, what better birthday present is there anyways than Jess! :) So Tuesday I came up with this idea, I should throw a suprise party for myself. But I had to make it look authentic. I also needed Jess to be suprised as well. How could I pull that off? Ah ha! I'll have Hez help me, she can pull it off. Together we figured out how to throw a party, how to make sure it works and how to assure everyone is in the dark. I've had the ring since mid December so that wasn't a problem. I sent Hez a list of addresses to send them to and the rough information on the party. She then composed an e-mail inviting everyone. She told everyone that she knew we were going to be out with friends and be coming home at 7 or so to chill out and play some karaoke. She told everyone that neither Jess nor myself had any idea. It was hilarious! It was funny to have people I knew were coming on Saturday ask me what I was doing for my birthday! She kept me posted on the invite list and everything!

Anyways, I also had to sell this. To Jess it was easy, I told her I wanted to plan my birthday because there were a couple things I wanted to do. She was cool with that. To my friends, it wouldn't seem right if I didn't hang out with them. Since Riz was also in on the secret I invited Hez and Riz, a few other friends who I knew were coming on Saturday and a couple people I knew couldn't make it on Saturday to a euchre tournament on Friday night. There we go, the friend part of my birthday was satisfied. I ran errands on Thursday night and Saturday morning to tie up some loose ends and even made Jess walk the dogs before we left on Saturday to finish up a couple things! I did my part (and hid everything in the downstairs bath tub) and Jess and I were off!

We went to the east side and watched the movie Grandma's Boy! I really liked it (the first 15 minutes were very slow though.) I recommend that Barry and Riz see it and I have a hunch that if Brozek were in the right mood he could really enjoy it as well. Others should stay away however! Anyways, the movie was only an hour and a half so we had two and a half to kill before we could go home. We went to Animart to look around and saw a boxer Chili has grown alot in the past 3 months. We then went to Tumbleweed to eat and it was outstanding! I love that place! We killed a little more time before heading back towards the west side. I gave Riz a call (and hang up) which was the signal that we were 5 minutes away. We pull into the street and I see some cars way down there but it seemed like there was only a couple so I figured there weren't going to be that many people there. Now the fun was to begin!

Jess opened the door only to see Chili coming up from the basement. We normally (always) kennel Chili in the 2nd bedroom with the door shut, so he would have had to open his kennel and a door to get out. She was like, what the hell? I said he came from downstairs, we better check it out. Then Popeye walks out from downstairs as well... Jess tries the lightswitch, nothing. She is freaked out! I said, we better check it out, so I pull her downstairs and try the light switch down there...and alas suprise!!! :) Now of the people that were there, only 4 or 5 knew that I knew so most were there to suprise my birthday! Hilarious! I couldn't believe how many friends were there, I have the best friends in the world and it made me feel really good! Well we were hanging out having a good time, showing off my bike, showing off our god-daughter, singing some karaoke and someone said it is time to open presents! :)

Brooke brought me a batch of her special (the best in the world) chocolate chip coookies! Barry gave me the blockus game! Mary Jo, Andy and Isadora gave me a robe that they wasn't just any robe though, Mary Jo owns Renew Vintage (check out the link on the right) and made it into a He-Man robe with He-Man characters from an old sheet set, classic! So much for the no gifts policy. Anyway it was time for the big show. Most of the people had no idea what is going on. You see I wrapped my ring in a little box before I left. Hez then proceeded to wrap it inside like 4 other gifts which was pretty funny! Anyways I get to the 2nd to last box (the eggo waffle box) and I knew the moment was close. I open the last one and look in to where only I can see it, get down on one knee, pull out the ring and ask Jess to marry me! And she said yes! :) We were both shaking and she leaned in to hug me. Most everyone was suprised not knowing what to think and all of a sudden figuring out what was going on! Ha, I flipped the whole suprise birthday party around! I also got Jess some flowers, a card and a cool one-eyed Boston Terrier mylar balloon. And there it is, we are engaged! :) We then hung out the rest of the night, enjoying some karaoke, some shots and some drinks! After it got later we busted out some Texas Hold Em and I was getting some sweet cards and won! And Beth got 2nd so I am sure Dean will get it rubbed in now at work and at home! It was a wonderful night!

Special thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday: Hez, Tad, Riz, Barry, Dean, Beth, Brooke, Brian, Brozek, Jerry (who missed the engagement unfortunately,) Shiroma, Jill, Koebler, Mary Jo, Andy, Isadora, Sara, Sam, Kyle. I think that was it but there could be more, I hope I didn't forget anyone! Hez, I thank you so much for all of your planning and organization and I know you spent way too much for helping me, I owe you!!! Riz, thanks for helping as well and for getting me a cake...good god 29 candles are alot! Barry, thanks for Blockus...I expect to dominate you for years to come! Mary Jo, Andy and Isadora, I can't wait to get ice at some hotel in my He-Man robe, awesome! Brooke, thanks for the cookies, they are my favorite and you can make them for me anytime! Dean and Beth, thanks so much for spending virtually your whole weekend with us! Thanks to everyone for being great friends and for being there for my big moment! We'll keep you posted on wedding plans!