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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So I actually went on a ride today...

I got an e-mail from Patrick around lunch time announcing a bike ride tonight at 5:30. He promised the pace to be tolerable. I didn't commit to it but then Jenn (Stryker's Mom) e-mailed saying she couldn't make it to the dog park tonight so I decided to check out this ride. I think I was the last person that was expected on the ride. 5 of us went out (Patrick, Hertz, Balsley, Alvarez and myself.) I even found a way to win a sprint which I was sure would doom me for the rest of the ride. But a funny thing happened, the ride ended up being not too hard and I felt great, after almost 40 miles I was still feeling pretty fresh. It was a great ride with great company, one of those rides you wish occured more often as it was social, fun and not stressful.

Here are the stats.

Swim time

Tomorrow I’m going to go swimming. The Ironman course is open for swimming so I figured I’d run down and rock a lap. I haven’t swam since the Ironman last year, so it’ll be a fun trip down memory lane. Wolf sent me this video that is actually surprisingly accurate of what the Ironman swim is like. Except there is no one kicking your face and pulling and pushing on you in this video.

The excitement level of this weekend has dwindled big time. Monday I went back to the dog park so Chili can play with one of his best buds, Stryker. Then we went out for supper with Jess’ parents. I thought I was going to get a thick burger but alas the Hubbard was closed so we settled on Tutto Pasta. But. They had some insane pasta that was awesome, Quattro formaggi stuff, with lumps of bleu cheese and mozzarella. Tuesday, work, dog park, Brewers, Wednesday, work, dog park, Brewers. Tomorrow is the Colts opener though…I am excited for that! Basketball might be dead though, got there this morning, only 1 other person there. Saw a couple people on my way out but I had no interest in waiting around to maybe play a game of 3 on 3. Guess I’ll have to find something else to do for fitness.

Oh yeah, this is a classic little tid-bit for the football fans out there.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I want to take you for granted...

Sometimes people just take Madison for granted. There are so many wonderful things about Madison but many just do the same as they would if they lived anywhere, myself included. But every once in a while you just need to make sure you take in all that Madison has to offer. My weekend was that of giving love to Madison but also to celebrate the geography that makes Madison accessable to things I like to do.
First stop: Hez and Tad's new place! Although we live in Fitchburg and they are our neighbors, they live in Madison. After getting out of work on Friday we stopped by and checked out the new empty condo. Sweet! The location is great and they'll just love having a new place and a place of their own. From there we ventured home and then over to Dean and Beth's place for some games. Played some Beans (was 1 out of 2) and some other games which were a good time. Good people and good games. Brewers won on TV also. Got to bed kind of late.
First stop: the wonderful Saturday tradition known as the Farmers' Market. We met Jess' parents and had some good eats and conversation as we toured the square. Didn't buy much but it was a great time with perfect weather. I dropped Jess off at Hez and Tad's old place so she could help the move.
Second stop: The Prairie Moraine dog park in Verona. Our hour jaunt easily turned to two. Basically half-way through, two dogs, two directions. Each chose their own path. Figured I'd go with Chili as he can cover more ground and is a pest. Finally caught up to Chili and took a trail over to walk the way Popeye would, only backwards. One problem, I walked the whole trail and no Popeye. Oh crap. Well maybe someone found him and is walking with him back to the start. Chili and I hike back to the start. No Popeye. We head back towards the back of the park and there by the bench are two ladies and Popeye is there. Figured he'd get to that point eventually. Chili got tons of play in and we finished the lap. 2:20 round trip.
Reunited and it feels so good!
Third stop: Waunakee. Dean and Beth were being celebrated for their engagement so we drove out to Dean's Mom's house (insert jokes here) for a party. Once again, good eats and good people, add in an awesome pool and the badger game on TV and it was an awesome time. Played in the pool for a couple hours and it was a blast! Had to check out a bit early though but such is life.
Fourth stop: Taste of Madison. Jess talked the Mundys into joining us to eat our way around the capital square a second time. It's distinctly Madison as there is a union of all types of people in one section of town. Eats were good and bad and everything in between, but the company was once again top-notch. Got home after that and just kind of chilled out the rest of the night.
I dropped my can of Pepsi but a funny thing happened...
Tracy goes all the way to the Taste of Madison to eat at Chilis (oh wait I did too.)
Jess loves her cheese
Kyle loves his meat
Mark loves his sausage
First stop: Well I went to Woodmans and read the paper before our first stop, but then Mike and Cheri picked us up and took us to the Brewers game. We got some Milwaukee Braves nesting dolls and it was a good time. Claudio Vargas even threw me a ball during batting practice. Had some good eats (cheesy fries in a retro Brewers helmet) and more good company. The game was also excellent and although it was mid-80's with no shade, breeze or clouds, once my body sucumbbed to the fact it was going to be hot and sweaty it turned out awesome.
Rule of Favre was in effect, at least 5 times
Have you seen my baseball?
Mike and Cheri
Second stop: We planned to go down to the Essen Haus for Tad's birthday. We missed the dinner time so we planned to get down there around 8 to play darts and for drinks. I guessed that never happened. I was watching TV on the couch and the next thing I know is it was almost midnight. I guess I slept through some Survival Guy show (which I was watching when I fell asleep) and then the TV got changed to the Nascar race which I didn't see any of. Woke up and Sports Center was almost done. I guess Jess must have done the same as she was out cold when I woke up. It's not often I am on the couch long enough to have two dreams.
First stop: Wasn't really a stop at all. Labor day morning before 6am, perfect time to ride in the city. So that's what I did. The ride map is right here, but with no traffic out there I was able to stop a bunch and still have a decent average speed and see so many Madison landmarks*. All these people talking about the Ironman coming up made me want to check out parts of the course again, I love fond memories. Wanted to go a little longer but a couple roads were torn up. Perfect weather made this the perfect solo ride.
Madison at sunrise, just perfect!
King of the not-roads
*Landmarks included: Camp Randall, Field House, Kohl Center, Various UW buildings, Capital, Coloseum, State St, two lakes, Badgers Sports Complex and various other places.
Second stop: Back to the dog park...much less eventful. Chili found another boxer to play with so no need to worry.
Third stop: Point Cinemas. Hot weather and allergies dictated to us to see a movie this morning too. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was the choice. A most excellent choice, one of the top 3 movies I've seen this year, go see it. Classic!
Now I am at home, the Brewers are on and some fall cleaning is going on. So that's all for now.