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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So I actually went on a ride today...

I got an e-mail from Patrick around lunch time announcing a bike ride tonight at 5:30. He promised the pace to be tolerable. I didn't commit to it but then Jenn (Stryker's Mom) e-mailed saying she couldn't make it to the dog park tonight so I decided to check out this ride. I think I was the last person that was expected on the ride. 5 of us went out (Patrick, Hertz, Balsley, Alvarez and myself.) I even found a way to win a sprint which I was sure would doom me for the rest of the ride. But a funny thing happened, the ride ended up being not too hard and I felt great, after almost 40 miles I was still feeling pretty fresh. It was a great ride with great company, one of those rides you wish occured more often as it was social, fun and not stressful.

Here are the stats.


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