The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, May 03, 2007


So we have this new commuter program at work…basically we can’t afford not to ride our bikes to work, so I’ve been doing it all week. It’s actually worked out pretty smoothly with nice weather this week so I haven’t been tested yet. Wednesday was the best of them all. I got up early and rode my mountain bike to the Y to play basketball. Then I rode to work. Then at lunch we rocked the Quarry Ridge which is in great shape. First singletrack of the year is hot. So hot that after work I met up with Jerry for more Quarry Ridge. It got even better as we found out about some new trails. The best part? All the random people we ran into. Balsley stopped by, Shiroma was there, we ran into Garett and Rysewyk and I even saw Wolfgram and Cheri among other people that I only kinda know. It’s like Quarry Ridge is our own little country club. Got home around 6:30, I had ridden about 30 miles half pavement and half not pavement all on my mountain bike and my legs were shot. Our family really lessened our carbon footprint yesterday as Jess commuted and took her bike to the gym and rode at lunch as well, neither or our cars were driven yesterday. Can we go 2 for 2 today? Nope, but we both rode in and will be riding home so our carbon footprint will be lessened from last week, which is the whole goal. I’ll never be one of those carless hippy freaks nor do I want to be (read the link from Sophist's comment on my last post to see what I won't be.) :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This week's project

I spent lots of time working on the lawn and the house last week. This week will be different. Here is my newest project

I hope to have it complete this week or next, I think I have every part I need. It'll be front brake equipped and contain parts from Sun, FSA and Kenda, all of which are among my favorites. I'll upgrade the crappy parts the more I ride it and get a feel. This is how my new wheelset got to my attention at work, it must mean I am famous or something. Also included were a Sun/Ringle T-Shirt and a Sun/Ringle flask. I now own my second set of Russell wheels. I can't believe a legend like Russell would slum it to make my wheels but I am honored and truly blessed.

Oh yeah, I got my new camera as you can see. I don't like it yet though so it might have to go back, this is my trial #1. And I am going to ride my mountain bike tomorrow, first time since late December.

Fun Game!

Check this out! It is a fun little game and I know enough of you don't read this blog that I had to link it. Apparently I am not very good at this game but some of them are downright hard for me to guess. Let me know what you scored, I had a 213 and a 167 or something like that.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just another weekend?

So Friday after work I got out on the bike, 30 miles with Jerry, Kelson and Jen. Great riding weather. Got home in time to take a shower, grab a quick bite and head over to Dean and Beth's house for poker. So after eating some snacks and hanging out poker got under way. I thought the table I was at was kind of stacked, it had both hosts and Dean's two best friends and then my wife and I got on the same table along with Tracy. Well second hand in, I had folded and went to get some more snacks. I am walking back and I see that there were two aces up. Interesting. Well Dean was betting hard and so was Beth but Beth (who had pocket aces) still wasn't going all in like Dean had hoped. But eventually Dean made a bet that included him getting out of his chair and proposing and she said yes! It was awesome and a whole lot of fun! We were very happy to be at his table and to be there that night. I guess one of Dean's friends stacked the deck for this scenario (Jess, Tracy and I all had 2-7, I am not sure what the 2-7 significance was but knowing Dean there was something there) and switched decks before the other friend could deal (they were both in on it.) We were able to redeal the hand and although neither could concetrate much I think they both made the final table (along with me but I was the first to go from the final table which I was ok with.) Dean ended up getting 2nd place in the record book but I think he was ok with how the night turned out!

One lesson I learned on Friday night is that my body will no longer allow me to drink beers. I had two beers that night and I was tired and my stomach was messed all night. I could hardly sleep that night because of the beer and I woke up with heartburn in the middle of the night, woke up early because my stomach was still weird and I had digestive issues Saturday morning. Beer is bad and not that I really drink it much but I don't think I am going to drink any beer any more.

Saturda I got some basketball in. We only had like 11-12 guys (probably because of Crazy Legs) so I played 2 hours straight. A little grocery shopping after and then Jess and I went to watch the start of Crazy Legs and hit the farmers' market. Oh yeah, and the first spicy cheese bread of the year was pimp! We then went to the fork and spoon cafe for the world's worst mac and cheese...hands down. It was so bad that Jess and I shared a bowl that looked really small and we didn't even finish it. And I can usually finish everything. I did was the bad taste out of my mouth with some sweet gelato at the Java Cat so not all was lost. Got home and was tired so I napped a bit while watching the draft (which was 100% whack this year) and then it was off to dodgeball.

Dodgeball was outside in volleyball courts. It was the best dodgeball ever, in the sun and sand and all fun times. They had free pizza and wings and I passed on the free beer. We lost all three of our games (we played the 1st, 2nd and 4th place teams) and were done, although I did get to play in the championship round with another team who was short a guy. Anyways, our season is over and we held on for 5th place and we will be rewarded $100 for our efforts. Outdoor is the best way to play dodgeball. We got home and got the hot tub under control and cleaned the deck and then did a whole lot of nothing.

Sunday came and I read the paper and drank my coffee as normal. We then went to the bark park and started on some yard work. Three hours later I was sun-fried but that was ok. I layed low in the air conditioning for the past three hours and now it's over to the in-laws for some pizza.

Oh yeah, I bought a new digital camera today, I'll probably go pick it up tomorrow so expect more photos on the blog as now I'll carry one with me alot more often (this one is a little guy I can just carry on my bike or whereever.)