The Waffle House Chronicles...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Test of Love?

Hernia surgery + New Wife + Weather = No shovelling for me! :) I am so sick of snow I believe I will buy this and put it over our house.

Update: It's 8:39am on Sunday. The wife successfully shoveled the driveway yesterday and is shoveling right now (she's about 1/3 done with the goal of being 2/3 done before coming in so we can get the cars out). This is the wettest snow I've ever seen which would be perfect for a snowman or snowballs or a snow cave. It's still snowing too! I've felt guilty so I am cleaning the house while she works too so everyone wins!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Boxer for sale!

Cheap, to a good home. I am cute, I have a great personality and I love to play. I can even entertain myself. I also love to cuddle. I love to take walks and run around the yard. I am great with other dogs and children. I beg for attention and love being loved. Oh yeah, I love destruction for pure fun, which was limited to electronics, wood trim and waterbottles but now I'll take on pretty much anything.

So lately I've been thinking more and more I could write the sequal to the book Marley & Me
Tuesday I got home from work and I noticed Chili had a new chew toy. It was the remote control for our upstairs TV. Note the remote is a Sony and our TV is a JVC. Yep, this is the second one we've went through.

Since I am guessing the dogs are stimulated enough I took them to the dog park yesterday. It was a muddy, wet sloppy mess and Chili loved it. But when it came time to go, Chili just barked at another dog and every time I went to grab his collar he would shimmy away. Of course I was two days removed from a hernia surgery so I couldn't dive at him like Brian Urlacher but he is still squirmy. Finally some lady was able to trick him and grab him until I could leash him up. No photos of this exist though.

Now comes Thursday and I came home from lunch. When Chili knows he does something wrong, he hides, I open the door, make eye contact and he runs out the doggy door. Huh. I look up the stairs and see

I wonder, what's that, did they drag something in from outside? I get closer.

Uh oh...

Yep, it's the carpet.

Today they were gaited and evidentally Chili was trying to burro under the gate by clawing the carpet. I don't know how he can get the leverage though since the stairs are narrow. One shred of carpet went over 2 feet past the gate meaning he was really tugging hard. Now our carpet is old and crappy, but we were hoping to get maybe one more good year out of it. Chili however decided enough is enough.

So now we have to decide what to do. Well Jess doesn't yet, as she hasn't seen this and I am posting before she gets home. I do like the cream colored dreadlocks that are left though!

Monday, February 19, 2007

At first I was afraid...I was petrified!

I survived! No problem! I was put under about 5 after 9 and was awake at 5 to 10, so that was quick. Hung out for an hour and got released! Could've just walked out and got in my car afterwords and drove home but I guess they frown upon that. Some marathon TV watching planned for this afternoon, rest of the week is by ear.


In a couple hours they will be prodding around inside me, fixing me up and making my abdomen less torn. Should be a good time. Sounds like the next three or four days will feel like one continuous punch to the gut. Right now though I am just starving, no coffee or food this morning. I guess around noon I can eat a cracker or something.

Weekend was good, we were home in Rice Lake! The whole family was there so it was nice to see everyone. It was the Beav’s birthday too! Beav brought his WII so we rocked that most of the weekend. I even bowled a 215 in my 4th game of bowling on WII Sports. He also got WII Play for his birthday and we played that a whole bunch too. Daytona 500 was insane as usual and a lot of fun to watch. The 6:30 finish made the 3:30 drive quite a chore but it was good to be home. Hopefully I’ll feel well enough the next couple of days to catch up on TV and movies.

Well I am off! I’ll try to post a recap at some point tomorrow.