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Friday, July 04, 2008

Photo Share & Updates!

-Jerry had a new boy, Kelton! Congrats!
-Got an e-mail from Kelson, "I moved to Madison yesterday." Sweet!
-I am once again going to be an uncle as Larkin and Beth are having another baby.
-Travel season begins Monday, it was nice knowing y'all...see you in September!
-Got to visit with lots of family and friends this past weekend, and will get to visit with similar but different this weekend.
-Finally beat the game Zuma on the computer. Jess, not to be outdone, went ahead and did the same!
-I know I am forgetting other things, so I apologize in advance, it's hard when I update this biweekly!
It's Anna-Time:
I think she enjoyed her trip:

At least more than Riz and Lexi:

She escaped the cluches of an evil rhino as Zarun looks on in amazement:

Jess layed some cover for us all so we needn't worry:

And I had a Royale with whipped cream:

Mark's opinions and links:

-The Plaza Burger as seen in Hamburger America was a dissappointment. But all is not lost, my two favorite burgers are listed although my 3rd and 4th are not. Sounds like an upcoming blog post.

-I am excited for new rides opening. This will rule! This also seems cool but I'll miss Back to the Future the ride. Toy Story Mania opening at MGM however almost insures a trip to Florida this winter!

-Cheesy Crunchwrap at Taco Bell...decent but not great. Cheese overpowers. If you do order make sure to get some jalepeno quesadilla sauce on the side to dip it. That's my advice to you.
-Wall-E was a good movie as was Charlie Bartlett. Yep, see them both! Jess signed up for Net Flix so I guess I'll be chillin' with lots of movies. Our Dish Network now officially works again, at least until it doesn't. They did alot of work though so I am optomistic!
Thanks for reading!