The Waffle House Chronicles...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Video Tuesday

Give this at least two'll be impressed. The middle is a little slow for some (I knew 2 of the 4) and then then grand finale is pimp!!!

Thanks to the Riz for sharing. At first I thought he was drunk...but I gave it a shot and have a big smile on my face.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Depression: It’s Monday. Chili is feeling better but still isn’t well. My foot is actually feeling worse so I think I’ve got to shut it down for a while, so likely no basketball for 3 weeks. So there you go, two of my main hobbies are both done for a while (basketball and dog park) so I’m kind of bored. It’s a foggy, cold Monday and work was a drag.

Optimism: Thanksgiving is ahead which is one of my favorite Holidays (it’s based on food, football and family, what’s not to love?) Will likely do some Black Friday Shopping. It’s so insane it’s awesome! Cruise is coming up fast as well! Next couple months should be exciting. We get three days off for Christmas and two for New Years. I took 2 days of vacation to leave me with an 11 day break from work with minimal responsibilities.

Actualization: Friday we had bowling league. We won 1 of 3, no thanks to me with three games (far) below my average. Guh! Played some Wii and pool afterwards and got to see Dari which is always a good time. Saturday I played some basketball and then just chilled. Went to work at 2:30 as I wanted to work on a couple of my bikes and I listened to the Badger Game while fixing my stuff. The Canaan is back to working (it weighs 29lbs as I found a bike scale.) Got home in time to help Jess with a puzzle and then had a small group of friends over to play games and talk cruisin’. Good times! Sunday I got up and lifted weights and then we did the Packer game thing and went out to dinner with Jess’ parents. Pretty relaxing. 13 miles short of 2k on my bike…less than half of last year’s miles. Double fantasy football loss again this week…

Agenda: Need to find me some new shoes. Need something with extra cushioning as everything I have is old and broken down. Still need to find a new suit too. Black Friday here I come. Not much else on tap for the week and I am not really sure what I’ll do with my time. I think some raking is in order as it’s time to winterize but we still have half the leaves still on the tree.

Sustenance: Although I’ve been trying to perfect my home-brewed cappuccino (despite a terrible cup today) I think I need to get to a Starbucks this week. Time to step up my coffee game and see what’s out there. Chipotle grilled stuffed burrito? Decent but too much bean. My advice? Use the sauce on something else…you can’t go wrong!

Etc: Got my new cell phone, now I can make and recieve phone calls! How novel is that?