The Waffle House Chronicles...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photo Share!

The weekend has pretty much came and gone. Thursday night we went to the premier of Kranked 7 which was a blast! Friday I had more physical therapy and now I get to do light weight workouts and that night we went to dinner and then to the Union with the Mundys (good times) and yesterday was the Farmer's Market, yard work, wedding, reception, etc. Sunday was news paper reading, seeing Get Smart (decent) and then errand and grocery running and a lazy afternoon. Now it's off to dinner with Jess' parents. Basically the standard weekend!

Here's a photo from early in the Wednesday night Time Trial.

Here's where I made up my mind to do a second lap
We went to a truly Wisconsin Wedding:I don't think we had any good photos of the bride and groom so this picture of us will suffice:Another happy coupleAlthough it may appear we were "Kung-Fu Fighting" we were actually playing a pretty good fiddle and giving the devil his due:One more photo of us:

Good stuff!!!