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Monday, April 03, 2006

5 more days until the next weekend!

Too bad the weekend was over…1 hour short of other weekends. I packed a lot into Friday and Saturday and chilled on Sunday.

Friday was nice, we went and saw Ice Age 2 and that was good! Went to the mall afterwards, where I always feel out of date and out of place. Didn’t buy anything though. Hit a little Pizza Hut on the way home and that was that.

Saturday I got up early and got in a solid 2 hours of basketball. Then went and ran 10 miles on the treadmill and then it was on to my bike. 53 miles, two wrong turns and lots o’wind. But I made it to Stoughton, Cambridge into Jefferson County, Deerfield, Cottage Grove and back to the Y. Nice ride, nice to be done…a good 7 hours of working out. Went home and chilled out watching some movie called Cookout. Later that evening some friends came over and we played some games. I finally got my Boggle groove back overcoming Jess’ 13 point word (Antelope) by countering with several 6 letter words later. The Bean trading/farming game was a blast actually, too bad I can’t farm like those Bruckners apparently can. Basketball games were boring but such is life.

Sunday was a whole lot of nothing. Read the paper and the wind and rain started so I didn’t get out to work out. Went to some wedding show that morning (free prime rib) and did a little shopping. Started the Ape Escape 3 as well, lots of fun! Napped, Nascar, Puzzle and pretty soon it was supper time and then the weekend ended.

Oh yeah, Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper? As expected. Better than Cherry Vanilla Coke but no where near as good as Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Back to the Berries and Cream. Jess enjoyed it but wouldn’t buy it. Barry seemed to be an actual fan. I wouldn’t touch that stuff unless it had some rum in it. No links or photos today...


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