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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sorry for the update delay. I had a busy Monday and I kept trying to import GPS graphs into this site but I can’t yet. Anyways, here is the update:

Friday: Took it easy after work until it was time to go play poker. We went to Wendys on the way. My recommendation to you: For $.99 you can buy a 5pc Chicken Nuggets. Order them with buffalo ranch sauce. Instant satisfaction! Anyways, we get to poker and guess who is the first one out? Me! Out of 20 people I couldn’t beat anyone. How unfortunate. Dean was out soon after me so no big deal. I watched some basketball then instead until enough people were out and we could play a side table. The side table was good, I took an early lead, pissed most of it away and still took home my $5. Jess ended up 9th out of 20 so that was good!

Saturday: Woke up after 5 hours of sleep, time for some hoops! 2 hours of hoops, and then back home. Got ready to go for the Chainsmoker Ride. We decided to do the Ironman loop. 7 of us showed up (including Hertzie) and it was a great ride. I felt really good and was able to challenge for some sprints. Ended up doing 57 miles and like 2600 feet of elevation gain. Awesome. Came home to chill for a bit, watched some snow delayed Busch Series and basketball. We then went to Pooleys for our dodgeball tourney. We didn’t do so hot (probably 8th or 9th out of 12 teams) but it was fun! The standings aren’t posted yet.

Sunday: Woke up at 7 and read the paper and everything. Decided at 9 to go out, a tad cold but a tailwind and lots of hills to start. Ended up going 56 miles, with no stops. Headed towards Mt. Horeb, got almost there, went south to Mt. Vernon, and then south all the way to New Glarus (and I didn’t even skip the hill on 92) Went to New Glarus and then east and then north to Belleville and back. Awesome ride. 5 climbs of 200ft+ that were steep. It was nice to have a ride that didn’t go through Verona or Paoli! Got home in time for Nascar. Watched Nascar, basketball and the UW Hockey game. The Hockey game took 5 hours and went into triple OT. Rice Lake hockey star Josh Engel had the assist on the only goal of the game…insane.

Monday: Guh! Work day! Got out for a 5 mile run at lunch. After work we decided to see the movie The Godfather of Green Bay. If you live anywhere near where it is being shown, see it, awesome and hilarious!!! I’ll give it my highest recommendation, especially for those who love the Packers and love northern Wisconsin! Trust me on this one!

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