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Friday, March 24, 2006

For those of you who followed my advice you made some money yesterday. Unfortunately I never got around to following it and missed the financial windfall. Tim Horton’s IPO started at $23.162 and ended at $30.50. Doh! It will go up again when I eat there on April 19th. Unfortunately the next big IPO (Burger King) won’t be nearly as successful; you’ve heard it here first. BK is kind of sketchy and is hitting a big niche market while avoiding some ever growing markets. They did bring back the value menu but it isn’t what is once was. If they were to put me on their panel of advisors I could bring them a sustained 6-8% growth in each of the next two years. But I can’t post that here, if you’re a honcho from Burger King please contact me. Also if you work for Dunkin Donuts, I can make a franchise excel in Madison…so please give me one, I guarantee returns…

Weekend outlook gets crappier every day and there is a good chance of wet roads and snow tomorrow morning. Still hoping to get out. On the plus side Sunday looks beautiful so I am hoping to awaken early and get in an Ironman loop. I got my new GPS bike computer so expect lots of maps and stuff in the near future! Tonight is Dean’s big poker tourney, so wish me luck. 150 large for the winner so someone will be happy with my donation!

I am trying to enjoy what will likely be my last day atop the basketball pool. If Villanova and Florida wins I lose the lead and if Villinova wins and Georgetown wins, Larkin should be in the lead which adds injury to insult. I do have to cheer for: UConn, Georgetown & BC. I am going to pull for the Shockers as well, they treated me well to this point, the least I can do is treat them well back.

Random notes:
-Garage almost fits 2 cars now!
-Camcorder is on order!
-Bike is almost lined up for Seattle trip!
-Popeye is back to normal finally this morning!

That’s all I’ve got. I wonder what ruins more lent resolutions (is that what they call them?): Girl Scout Cookies, NCAA Tournament or McDonalds? I am leaning towards Girl Scout Cookies.

Oh yeah, just heard the Nascar Rain Delay(which ended up being postponed) on Sunday outrated the NBA (Kobe Vs LeBron) by 37%...down with the NBA!!!


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