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Monday, March 20, 2006

On the Fritz…

Last week was a long and busy week. Here goes!
Monday: Last day of doggy class! Chili graduated! J Yippee! Basketball, dog class and pottery all ended in the last 3 weeks so a lot less busy now!
Tuesday: Didn’t do much, got a nice run in and took it easy, got my hair cut!
Wednesday: Ran early (not enough people to play basketball)
Thursday: The tournament has begun! The pool has 46 people in it and we listened to all the games at work and then I went home and watched some. That morning I ran my fastest 10k ever despite no calories or warm-up so I am happy with that!
Friday: Poor Chili was neutered. And his one testicle was trapped in his stomach so they had to operate, meaning more pain and more expense! Oh well, he was back to normal by Saturday morning! Stupid Badgers played like crap though, I was so depressed mid-way through the 2nd half I went back to work. It was that bad! Friday night we had some Papa Johns and watched more basketball
Saturday: I went 8 and 8 in the basketball pool on Saturday, awesome! It was also one of my toughest workout days ever. I went to the Y and by 6:10 I was playing basketball. I played 3 games and then there were just too many people and I knew I had to run 15 miles. Went up to the treadmill and by 6:50 I was running. By 9 I had ran my 15 miles, oh man, I can make it to the ride in time. One quick stop at the Twinkie store and I went home, changed and back out the door. 26.5F when I left. Met up with the Chainsmokers, only this time there weren’t any slow people there. Oh well. We did the Belleville, Fritz loop again with a little change. By the time we got to Riverside, I had enough and rode in with some guy named Paul, the rest ventured onward. So I got 40 miles in riding wise. I didn’t feel too bad when I got home, relaxed for several hours and felt like crap and craved Filet O Fish. Three aspirins, one Filet O Fish and 40oz of Gatorade later I felt good and we went to a Martini Party. Had a couple drinks (couldn’t turn down an awesome Grasshopper.) Party was ok, MJ’s brother has an English Bulldog Pup (Chubs) and he was so awesome and they had a chocolate fountain that I enjoyed. There were a lot of people I didn’t know though and they all knew each other so I was a tad outcasted…but it was nice to chill and hang with the people I did know!
Sunday: I had to do a nice recovery run so I ran an easy 7 (which wasn’t all that easy.) I went grocery shopping and ran some errands and noticed it was beautiful out. Uh oh, I’ve gotta ride. I took a couple different parts from a couple of my favorite rides and combined them. It pretty much sucked. I loved being out in the weather but I should have done the route in reverse considering the wind. Needless to say my tired legs fought the last 16 miles into the wind and hills. But with a good recovery day today I should be good to go! More chilling in the afternoon, JT Whitneys with Jess’ parents in the evening and I was cooked!

Stats: 48.5 miles running (did two distance runs last week due to the martini party), 70 miles riding. I now weigh less than my race weight of last year…

What I’m looking forward to: New niece, Seattle Trip, ATL the movie, Poker on Friday, Dodgeball on Saturday, Larry the Cable Guy movie and Fuddruckers opening.


  • Dude - that's a huge weekend. There's no way you're going to get away with racing Clydesdales in WORS this summer - they're going to be like, "Ummm - you weigh 40 pounds under the cutoff. No."

    My entire weekend activity consisted on one 5 mile run on Saturday afternoon. Stupid Midwest Political Science Association and your stupid conference deadlines.

    I'm bringing my running

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 3/20/2006 10:28 AM  

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