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Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend is over! I did a ton but it went way to fast. Jess is awesome!

Friday I ran a 10k and was impressed (I estimate it to be around 52 minutes, not bad for a lunch-time training run.) I wonder what I could race a 10k in. My new shoes are awesome! It was so beautiful out that I had to ride after work. Did a nice Paoli loop and came back to work. Jess ordered some pizzas, I picked them up on the way home and games were on. Oh yeah, Hez had an interview here and it went well, heard it went well from this side and her side, so my fingers are crossed. We played Boggle, Blockus and Oh Hell! Blockus is a sweet game. I had my first ever four player win (in about my 8th game.) The best part was that it was the perfect game, I played all my pieces and the small bonus piece last! The best game in the history of my Blockus. So my win percentage may only be like 8% but I have that one in the quiver. I think Riz and Hez also have played all their pieces in a game but haven’t seen a bonus! I should have started logging stats. Anyways, it was a great time, Jess was Boggle champ, no real Blockus champ (we all 5 are pretty equal) and I think we had two different Oh Hell champs (wasn’t me or Riz.)

Saturday was busy as well. Got like 5 hours of sleep and went to play basketball. After a couple hours of that, I came home, had so breakfast and off to the great Chainsmoker group ride. We had like 15 people show up, record numbers! I guess no one knows any roads to ride on so I kind of had to take charge. We did Belleville and then to Verona via Fritz rd. 40+ miles in 2:30. Highlights: Mike in the South Park jersey that was like 3 sizes too small.Spence rifling a rock off of his tire which broke a car window (or so we think) and then later breaking his hub flange (never seen that before) and some random guy (Steve) who brought beer. Good ride! Back home, relax, movie Skulls, Busch Racing and then off to Whitneys. A great burger and then some comedy courtesy of Monkey Business (courtesy of our $8.) The comedy was awesome and I’ll go back for sure. Hez and Tad met us out there and we had an outstanding time, it even hailed while we were waiting. I even got my name in the comedy courtesy of Hez.

Sunday started with a good 7 hours of sleep. I then read some paper and decided to do some running. I ran 8 miles(ish) down to the Monona Terrace. Jess decided to do the 10k Shamrock Shuffle. She was good to go as she trained 6 miles in 3 runs earlier in the week. Anyways, I met her down there. I didn’t know what to do while I was there, so I decided to run. It was only 10 minutes to the start so no registry for me. In fact when the gun went off, I ran a ½ mile the other way and back. So by the time I started I was 9:07 behind the gun (which was like 7:30 behind Jess with the mass crowd) and tried to catch her. I caught her just after the turnaround point and ran back with her. After a little cramping around mile 4.5 she was good to go and pulled away to pass some people. Her time was 1:10 which is awesome on no training and no real running experience. I got in between 14-15 miles running. But of course that wasn’t enough. My bike was waiting and I went for a ride. Got in 28 miles that way, back home, hot tub, Nascar, supper at Laredos with Jess’ dad (her mom was ill) more Nascar and then some Fox.

A great and busy weekend, I am sore this morning but it was worth it. With NCAA games and cool weather and rain this week it was good to bank some sweet training. Is it Friday yet? Half-day Friday to watch the Badgers play at 11:30. Hope all is well!!!


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