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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So I think I have a new niece as of last night but I cannot confirm. I woke to lots of missed calls and two akward voicemails from my brother from a random #. Can't track him down (no cell phone) and he used a calling card. Stupid 2 hour time difference meaning it is very early there still. Cell phone is with me non-stop. I feel bad as I anticipate that John didn't pick up either so that sucks that Larkin couldn't get ahold of either of us.

Update: Last night at 6:09 Pacific Standard time Anna Michelle Larson was born! She wouldn't come easy though, instead opting to twist around some and get wrapped up in some umbilical cord. Nothing an emergency C-Section couldn't handle though! Both mother and baby are doing well, I assume Beth is very sore though. 7lbs 13ozs, 20 inches! Brown hair. That's about all I've got, I didn't ask about labor time or anything since I am a guy and I haven't had kids before so I didn't know the exact questions to ask. All I know is in a little over 9 days I get to meet her! We (Jess and I) are so excited!!! I'm an uncle!!!

Oh and for those of you who know Eric (who's making the rounds on the phone) act suprised as I am sure he wants to tell you in person!!! :)


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