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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wow, 4 replies about Kirk Cameron and none about poor cancerous Popeye…whod’ve thunk! I mean everyone loves Kirk Cameron…but no love for the Popeye?

Anyways, Popeye has his surgery tomorrow. It should be routine and hopefully everything will be better!

Not much going on here, mid-week! Jinglebell run on Saturday morning should be fun! I am hoping to break an hour again with an ultimate goal of 55 minutes (anything under 58 would be a victory to me!) With a high of 32 it should be another balmy day for a run! Hopefully it will be less windy than the Berbee Derby.

Right now I am just living the calm before the storm. Next weekend is a couple parties (Pacific Cycle Xmas, Koebs Grad) and the weekend after that is a whole buttload of Christmas action. Follow that up with a New Years weekend of partying and football and then my birthday weekend and we are almost to Nascar season! I am diligently Christmas shopping (not really) but I really need to get down to State St to shop. Hopefully I can con Jess into it after the Jinglebell Run or something.


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