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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not much going on here…or anywhere…

I got back on the horse yesterday, playing basketball in the am and running at lunch…and then I ran again rather rapidly this morning too! Yesterday when playing hoops I stopped really hard on my knee and it didn’t flinch and I consider that the final test. Ironman and Jingle Bell Run training is officially back on track. Hoops tonight at PClub. Saturday is dodgeball at Pooleys so if you are bored that evening head east and give us a watch! Sunday Jess is gone to Chicago so I’ll be bacheloring it…not that anyone is around to do anything anyways…

Snow is on the ground and with the temps staying low it could be here to stay. I haven’t ridden in the snow yet this winter but I did ride in some this summer.

This is in Crested Butte: I tried to ride it…got about 25% across…fell down:

Then we posed for this picture:

Then I figured lycra would make a fun sled…I was right (and then proceeded to be cold):

This was an actual snowfall we had out there:

Riding Snodgrass with about an inch of snow (after trudging up about a mile of gunky muddy mud and playing in about 3 stream crossings, I am about 2/3 up here) was one of the best feelings ever. I was by myself…me and the mountain…the snow quieted everything down so I could hear the outdoors, cold stream crossings, perfect singletrack. Deer grazing in the fields. Broke my freehub with about half of a mile left…never bring race wheels on a mountain bike vacation. One of several trips to the Alpineer. It’s December 1st and I am ready to go mountain biking…

I wonder what Hez is doing right now?


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