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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Well yesterday wasn’t the best of days…we found out Popeye (Jess’ beloved one-eyed Boston Terrier) has the cancer. On top of that he has a heart murmur and some sort of build up on his heart. Oh yeah, all this discovered when he was supposed to have a bunch of rotten teeth removed. Basically his cancer is a Mast Cell Tumor on his butt. He’ll have to have a 2-4 inch section of his butt removed. Today they are doing cardiology tests on his heart because he might not be able to be put under to have the tumor removed. And we are trying to determine what the prognosis of recovery is. If he has little to no chance of recovery then it doesn’t make sense to do all these procedures. If he has a good chance of recovery then it will be easy to have all these done. There is a lot of gray area though so we will have to make some difficult decisions…this type of stuff isn’t cheap and we don’t want Popeye to suffer for naught. But the initial prognosis so far is pretty good, so our fingers are crossed for a complete and speedy recovery. Who knows when he will ever get those teeth pulled. So when Popeye is recovered he will have to get a part-time job! So if anyone has any ideas what an assless, 1 eyed, overweight, neutered Boston Terrier with a bad heart and bad teeth can do for employment please let me know! In all seriousness we think he will be fine…he’s been through so much already that this will be a cake walk for him! Oh yeah, yesterday that half-shaved him so he is pretty cool looking! I’ll have to try and get some photos!


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