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Monday, November 28, 2005

Berbee Derby recap!

I ran exactly 100 miles in preparation for this race…in a 4 week span but from scratch. Most of my training runs were right around 5 miles during my lunch break at work. I felt I was ready to do a decent job…I have a lot of work to do before Ironman but for now I think I am where I need to be. I can run a 10K easily but slowly…I’d assume I could keep the same pace for about 20K.

Thursday morning was the Berbee Derby. A chance to get in a good workout before gorging on dinner! So I wake up about 5:45 and let the puppy out. Holy crap…it’s cold…and windy! Wasn’t sure how cold. I go inside, the thermometer read 12 degrees. I go on-line and see it is a high of 20 with 20-40mph winds. Great! So I eat breakfast, play with Chili and get ready. At 7:45 I decide…time to go, lets do this! I grabbed a paper and off I went. I got there and went to sign up and it was super cold. I had no idea how to dress or anything as this was my first competitive run. I sat in the warm car reading the ads for Black Friday and talking to my parents on the cell. I was supposed to bring Jess with to watch but with the weather being what it was I decided to let her sleep. I finally decided to wear windpants with a base layer of tights. I also wore a short and long sleeved t-shirt with a windbreaker. I wore two pairs of socks, a balaclava and a headband. And some liner gloves with windbreaking thin ski gloves. I was ready.

I went to the porta potty before the race as the announcer was making announcements. I get out and think about lining up…I still had like 5 more minutes. I sit down to stretch and there I see Jess (who hardly recognized me because the only skin I had showing were my eyes.) She says to me: “Aren’t you doing the 10k?” I said, “Yeah.” She said “The 10k left like 3 minutes ago.” I was like “really?” She said “Yes…you better get going.” Crap! Now I am screwed! They ended up starting early (like 8 minutes.) I guess they had chip timing though so the start and finish times were recorded. Anyways, I take off. Starting a race 3 minutes late is cool as then I felt like a rock star (although I would guess a third of us missed the start so I still got passed a plenty.) Anyways right away (with the tail wind) I felt slightly overdressed. About a mile in some guy running next to me took a digger…he wasn’t near anyone or anything and he rolled on the ground. He sprung back up and kept running…no idea what happened. Anyways by mile 2 we were going against the wind in part for the next 3 miles…which pretty much sucked. At that point the novelty of running with people had worn off and miles 2-5 were rough. Once I hit the 5 mile mark I really turned it up and started passing people again. The clock when I crossed the line said 49 minutes. I didn’t think that was possible, I was hoping for between 55-60 minutes. Turns out the clock was wrong: 58:28, 34/42 age, 470/635 overall, 9:25/mile. I thought I was going a bit faster than that…but with all the confusion and wind and everything who knows. Overall I didn’t really hit my goals but I was proud of myself for passing a lot of people and for just running this event in that weather! Also note, my friend and co-worker, Dan Nagle, was credited with a 2nd place overall finish. When I tried to congratulate him on Saturday he informed me that he didn't get 2nd and thought his time was like 39 minutes (not the 32 and change he was credited with.) For as big as this event is is sure seems kind of half-ass. Of course any event at those temps is probably half-ass...

I have the Jingle Bell run on December 10th…so we’ll see if I can do better. Unfortunately Saturday I hurt my knee playing basketball (actually while warming up to play basketball) so I took yesterday and today off from running. I will reevaluate my status tonight as I try to do something physical…hoping it is just a strain.


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