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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

So, Russ moves away on Friday. Wow does that suck! 6 months ago he didn’t know Angie. In June they met, got engaged around Labor Day and now he moves in with her in December, crazy! He starts a new job on Monday down there (similar to what he is doing now.) Not sure what my relationship will be like with him now that he is in Columbus (heck, I’ve hardly got to talk to him at all in the past 6 months) but I hope he still keeps me posted on life and everything! We’ve had a good 10 year run in Madison (for the most part) and I am sad that it is coming to an end. I’ll remember the 50mph U-Turns, the trips to the Party Port in the Wagon, the nights at Ho Chunk, the night at Wandos (even though you don’t,) the fantasy football, the video games, the various stages of being a roommate, the signs, the Branch, the road trips, the Taco Bell, the Jolly Green Russ, the card shows, the two-fours, the Mountain Dew Caps, the sevensies, the Letting out of the dogs, the Sega Channel and most everything from our run. Russell, good luck in Columbus! Keep things real and true…be yourself always!

I expect you all to post some love and hate for Russ! He deserves both!


  • I can't believe its happening. Russ is leaving Madtown forever, and more importantly, leaving me for a woman. Sure, he has left before. He did a stint in Merril for a while. But I always knew he would be back. Russ may be leaving Madison, but his legend shall always remain. I have been with Russ since the early days of Russ, 13 glorious years of hostility, Stanley Steamers, and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. I have ridden in 3 Russ mobiles (and lived to tell the tale), witnessed various female sagas, mob ties, experienced a trip to Europe with Russ, an eventful road trip to Florida where a famous U-turn and Checkers drive through took place, Millenium New Years Eve (with that timeless quote: "Welcome to Comedy Sportz, ___ you!"). I have heard Christmas carols on August 25th, I have seen the "moon" inside a house on St. James Court, I have seen the vulnerability of Taco Bell signs, many a drunken evening (By the way, Russ, thanks for helping me not go to detox on my 24th birthday). Russ has shown us a lot, defied the establishment, and lived outside the box. Don't let this all be just a phase of our (your friends here, both old school and new school) lives. I have been in Russ the original series, Russ the Next Generation, Russell Deep Space Nine, and now I want to be in Russell Voyager (hopefully it won't suck as bad as the TV series). The legend of Russ does not have to end here. A new era begins. Hopefully Russ will let us be a part of the new era. Lets raise our glasses of Inferno Vodka to that. ...and one more thing...

    By Anonymous Zarun, at 12/07/2005 4:54 PM  

  • Well, it is almost that time...I'll be leaving in the wee hours of the morning Friday. You know I'm going to miss every last one of you, everybody that has helped make Madison feel home to me(you know who you all are). This definitely won't be the end of Russ. I have lots and lots of ties to Wisconsin, in Merrill, MIlwaukee as well as Madison. I will be coming into Milwaukee for my drills probably Thursday nights and working Fri-Sun. So there would be plenty of chances to do some things in Milwaukee when I'm not on vacation in Madison. Things will be pretty hectic until after my early Jan drill. But I will try to keep in touch with y'all. And for you Mark, I try to give this blog a regular viewing. It will be made one of my favorites just as soon as my laptop is setup. The legend will live on!!!

    By Anonymous Russ, at 12/08/2005 6:31 PM  

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