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Monday, June 11, 2007

Lonely neighborhood...

It's a lonely day in the neighborhood, it's a lonely day in the neighborhood, oh won't you be my neighbor?

Jerry, Jess and Kieran took off this morning to head to Idaho. What a bummer. They will be missed so much. It's so odd looking across the street and seeing nothing. No mini van, no red Toyota, no skinny guy working on bikes in a Schwinn hat. No little boy running around, no woman in the window washing dishes, nothing. It's really sad actually. Jerry was not only one of my best friends but he was that key go-to neighbor that you talk to every day, who helps out and who you help out, who you get to see even before seeing your wife. When 5 minute chats turn into 2 hour discussions. When we talked cycling over the smell of citrus degreaser and bikes being worked on it was a great afternoon. Some people pony up to the bar, others a coffee shop, others a barber shop, we had Jerry's bike shop, stuffed in the back of his garage. Tons of advice, help and good times sandwiched in between a myriad of cycling stories. Thanks a bunch to introducing me to a whole new rhelm of friends. Kieran is so awesome and Jess is a great person as well (although we don't have many photos of her for some reason.) We enjoyed having you as neighbors and we will always cherish you as friends.The weekend was alright. Friday night we went with our former neighbors to Abuelos. It's quickly moving up the restaurant charts and is Top 15 in Madison...probably soon to be Top 10. Got home and crashed hard. Saturday was the usual basketball followed by the Farmer's Market. We had our kickball tournament that afternoon. We dominated our first two games to make it to the championship game just to get shelled. It was fun though. Hung out with Kyle and Tracy that night (burritos and bean farming) which is always a great time with great company. Sunday it was up early to go to Blue Mound for the last Jerry ride. I almost got to ride with Jerry for a little bit. I had one flat and Balsley hurt his shoulder...other than that the ride was decent. Beverages and conversation followed and then I came home. Broken mower dashed my dreams of mowing the lawn but the rain delayed Nascar race started just in time for me to hit the couch and make some dreams of my own. Piasan's nightcap and the weekend was over. The Longs left this morning (noon is almost morning) and are heading west. Kickball is done now so only two sports left. Golf time?


  • Sounds like we have some big shoes to fill! We look forward to having you guys as neighbors.

    By Blogger Neil, at 6/12/2007 8:25 AM  

  • That's a nice tribute - bye Jerry and Jerry's familia!

    And what's this - you know your new neighbors well enough that they comment on your blog? M.Bro and I must be pretty antisocial - I don't even know the people that live in the apartment across the hallway, and I'm stealing wireless from them!

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 6/12/2007 9:00 PM  

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