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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mid-week life

Monday- Chainsmoker meeting at JT Whitneys. Had some food before hand and then we sent off Kelson and Jen. Word on the street is they made it to Georgia just word on how many Waffle Houses were visited.

Tuesday- Softball night. Went 2 for 3 in a 4-3 loss. I am hitting the ball pretty well and have been happy with my play, our team just seems to have 1-2 key errors each game that shoot ourselves in the foot.

Wednesday- Volleyball night. We won 1 of 3 but we played a great team and gave them a great run. After I headed out to Blackhawk for the MTB time trial. I didn't ride but hung out for the grill out.

Saw some kids on logs

Saw Krayer...nice hair! I think Jerry is intimidated by how dreamy Krayer is.

We climbed to the top of the ski jump in 20mph winds. Here's me afraid of heights.

We had to climb down too...and I had on my slick shoes.

No photos exist of the foot slide of Jerry down the ski jump hill itself nor of the subsequent barrel roll when Jerry reached the grass. It was Jerry's last Chainsmoker event so they threw him a party...pretty sweet!

Thursday- My job sent me to Devil's Lake for a Schwinn Photo Shoot. Recreational bikes were our weapon of choice and I got stuck with the base level bike (Jess and Nagle both got to rock the upgraded GS version.) Alloy bars, medium frame, 24 speeds, toe clips, I was pimp! We had a good photo shoot and Jess even layed a bike down (and herself.) In a best case scenario sort of thing she only got a little scraped up. Then we took my suggestion and went home via the Merremac first time ever, and we even shot some photos. Cool! Got home just in time to change and rush out the door for kickball. So we are/were supposed to get a bunch of bad-ass, tornado creatin' thunder storms tonight. Well we got in both games of a kickball doubleheader...and we even won one. We only had 6 players the first game and picked up one random for 7 the second, compared to the 10 others had. I had a home run in the first game even. So I guess we are best as a team of six! Now I am home and tired.

Weekend will be pretty low-key. Hoops, dinner, mountain biking is all that's planned so far.


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