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Monday, May 28, 2007

See ya Jerry!

So today was the Jerry (& Jess and Kieran) going away party. First a ride at Blue Mounds and then a cook out. Got out to Blue Mounds a little after 11am and rode. Jerry dominated the rocks. A good time was had, no one got hurt and I got the only flat of the day, and that was after our first lap, when we decided to go out for more. Got in around 13 miles in around 2 hours of riding. I even had time to ride a small loop by myself and I found a great photo op!

That should be in a catalog or something. Afterward I rocked a 40oz. Nothing like some cold brew after a hard ride. And it was only $1.49. Of course it was full of iced tea, because that is what a hipster would drink.

After the riding I got home in time to catch another last inning of disappointing Brewers baseball. Then we got ready and went back to the Long house. It was quite the hike over there. Oh yeah, while we were gone, Jess installed some new shades and a new mailbox. Our house looks a little less ghetto every day thanks to Jess! And her dad even hung our hanging baskets in the front so our house is real purdy! Anyways, we grilled out and had a great time. I guess we are getting to that age where almost everyone has kids and there had to be about 7 or 8 kids 4 and under, all at about 6 month intervals. It was fun to watch them all interact and to catch up with our mountain bike acquanitances of the last couple years. We stayed for a few hours and now I am hope, having ate to much and I am tired.

They leave in two weeks. It'll be really weird to have new neighbors. They are the only neighbors since I was a kid that we really got to know. Everyone else around our neighborhood is older so it was awesome to have friends that live right across the street. So it sucks that they are leaving but they are on to bigger and better things. Plus now I need to find a new bike mechanic. So if you want a house to buy with a great view and great neighbors, I can probably score you a hot deal. If you want to rent a house for a screamin' deal in 2-1/2 weeks, let me know and we can work out a sweet cash rental... :)


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