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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Like Brozek...but more hetero

I guess I must be becoming a "hipster". Why earlier this week, Mr Brozek himself said that my shoes were hip or coll or something to that effect. Really?

Sweet! Plus now I ride a fixie around (I felt really cool walking a mile and a half this morning with a flat though...) I even got a comment on one of my new shirts. I guess it is all coming together for me! Plus Brozek quit cycling even more than I have although he was saying something about the apocolypse the other day. I guess my days are more interesting when I run into him...and you'll still never catch me in jeans.

Speaking of borderline hetero, check this out. I saw it in my Sunday paper and had to show Jess. I guess I wasn't alone in my feeling that this probably isn't the best way to be marketed.
At least I am cool enough to drive a Newark airport monorail. I guess cool is relative.


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