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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guest Blogger!!!

Hello everyone!! Here is a blog post from Jess, because Mark is too tired out to post right now. I guess my itinerary for today was just too exhausting for him (baby!).

We got up this morning and checked out the continental breakfast, which was pretty lacking. There was some cereal, mini muffins, mini donuts and oatmeal. I scored some frosted flakes and Mark had a mini donut and some coffee which he deemed "terrible" and promptly threw in the trash. He prefered to save room for Dunkin Donuts.

We headed out to Penn Station to catch the subway down to Ground Zero. We did a short loop around the block where the twin towers were. To me, it just looked like a big construction site. It was hard for me to imagine all of the destruction that occurred there just a few years ago.

We wandered around the financial district a bit more, saw Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange and looked for a Dunkin Donuts (which we were unable to find until much later). We decided to head down the the South Side Seaport to find the TKTS booth. We found it, but it wouldn't open for another hour or so, so we went down to the pier there and checked out the view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We wandered back to the TKTS booth and scored some tickets at 50% off for Altar Boyz for tonight. We'll see how that works out tonight and Mark will probably post a review tomorrow. By this time we were both hungry, so we headed to Brooklyn to check out Grimaldi's Pizza.

We enjoyed the coal fuelled brick oven pizza and then worked it off by walking back over the Brooklyn Bridge. We then hopped on the Staten Island Ferry to check on the Statue of Liberty and views of Manhattan from the water. It was nice to be off of our feet for a while and take in some great views!

After the ferry ride, we decided to check out Chinatown, but due to Jess' poor navigation skills, we ended up going to wrong way. We decided to skip Chinatown and just head towards gelato instead! It was a good walk and when we finally found the place we ordered vanilla, strawberry, chocolate hazelnut and milk chocolate. It was soooooooo good!!!

We decided to head to the Corner Bistro so that Mark could try one of New York's best burgers. Unfortunately, we only had the address and knew it was on 4th St, but didn't know the cross streets. So we took the subway to what we assumed was the closest station to the bar, but it was still quite a haul. Mark was excited to see an actual game of street basketball going on.

Finally we made it to the bar and Mark consumed a Bistro Burger and shared his fries with me. He reported the while the burger was good, it wasn't anything spectaular. He said it wouldn't make his top 10 list. Surprising, as this was supposed to be one of the city's BEST burgers. So I have one more chance to redeem myself. Hopefully the Burger Joint will work out better for him. Of course I only took a picture of the burger with my camera, and I forgot the cable for downloading the pictures at home, so you will all have to wait until we return to see it.

By that time, we were exhausted and decided to head back to the hotel to rest up until the show. So Mark's resting while I blog for him. :o)


  • Next time you go on vacation, you need to go to Brockton, Ma. I do believe it has the highest Dunking Donuts per capita in the nation. City population of ~100,000, and I can think of at least 6 Dunkin Donuts wthin a 10 minute bike ride from my house.

    By Anonymous kelson, at 5/11/2007 5:52 AM  

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