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Monday, May 07, 2007


This weekend was a good indication of what my summer will be like. With the first WORS race in the books and me not being there it felt a little bit strange. But I was riding mountain bikes on Sunday anyways and had a blast!

Friday was a pretty boring day. I got free lunch (Panera) at work because I rode my bike to work that day! I rode all 5 days last week! After work I came home and Jerry and I worked on Jess’ Rock Shox fork. It’s tuned pretty well now, I think it was short a lot of fluid so now the rebound is much quicker. After that, Jess needed some supper. We tried out the Gray’s Tied House and it was ok. Nothing spectacular, it seemed like they made all their foods as mild as possible. We then ran a whole lot of errands.

Saturday I got in 2:30 of basketball straight. It was rough! Got home and rocked the hot tub for a bit while Jess rocked the Farmer’s Market. She got home in time for me to eat some Hot Spicy Cheese Bread and then I rode my bike to softball practice. Our first game is on Tuesday so we needed the tune up. I needed it for sure, it took me about 20 cuts before I was getting some solid barrel on the ball. I sense a season of me spraying singles all over the field. Also got some glove work in which was fun. Rode home and took a nap during the afternoon. Watched Major League in HD which was hot. I think it is in my Top 3 of movies ever. We headed to McFarland for Jess’ friend Sam’s birthday. They have a 6 week old yellow lab puppy and it was so cute! Jess forgot her camera so I don’t have photos to post. I ate some tacos and hung out and it was a good time. We went from there to our work’s casino night! Another great time was had, I lost at poker early, came back with some blackjack, got super lucky in roulette and then settled in with some blackjack where with work party rules I was able to get 7X my original chip total. However the raffle tickets I bought with my profit didn’t amount to anything and all I got was a door prize of socks…which were the same socks that someone gave me the day before, so now I have two pairs. Got home, flipped on some SNL and fell asleep. SNL is quality for some sleep.

Sunday we got up to go mountain biking at Blue Mounds. We were joined by the Balsleys. I cleared a couple rocks I’ve never tried before so I was amped. We tried the new overlode trail which was some sweet XC riding although a couple of the hills are not only too long, but too steep! Of course Jess rode one that I walked so I felt like a winner. But before that was the highlight of the day. This trail kind of switches back on itself, making those most out of limited space. Well I am doubling back and I see Jess. She tried to clear a downed tree (I actually cleared it though it was much sketchier than it looked.) She didn’t clear it and went barrel rolling onto the ground and into the tree. Unfortunately her bike missed the tree as it just tumbled end over end down the hill. At the bottom of the hill was about a 15ft high ravine with a small creek. Her bike ended up in the creek, almost like it was perfectly posed for a catalog photo shoot. A camera would’ve been huge but I didn’t bring it as I wasn’t sure I am going to keep it and nothing ruins cameras (or bike parts, tires, flesh, egos, etc) more than the rocks at Blue Mound. Stephen and I fished out her bike and Jess was ok. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful until Stephen and I went to the farthest reaches of the trail. I crashed twice, once hard enough that I sliced open my finger pretty good and bruised my knee. Of course in the dumbass moment of the day, I flatted not too far from the campground. No worries! I pull out a was a road tube and needless to say it didn’t work so well. So I walked it out which wasn’t too bad and then Jess picked me up when I got almost through the campground. Afterward Stephen cooked us a gourmet meal (who knew?) and we hung out. Got home and watched some sports and chilled until supper time and then we hit the gritty with Jess’ parents. That night we watched the Amazing Race finale and then got to hear the WORS race reports. Sounds like the WORS show will go on even without me there. I still went and looked at the result to hypothesize on how I might have done but I really wasn’t sad that my name wasn’t listed. Of course last year at Iola I sat out for like 20 minutes with a broken crank and rode the third lap with the only chainring I didn’t bend, the small one, and got almost last.


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