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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not a good week...

The whole Virginia Tech thing was such a tragedy. I was so mad at how the media shifted focus from tragedy to blame so quickly. It only took Fox News about two hours to start assigning blame but pretty much everyone now just understands that it was just a freak who snapped. Yes there will be lots of blame to still go around but I don’t believe any of it. Humans can only do so much in situations like that and coulda, shoulda, woulda doesn’t apply in extreme situations like this. So anyone who sees this as anything but a tragedy needs to stop analyzing things.

My grandpa died yesterday. A sudden heart attack. I am not sure what to say, it was unexpected and caught us all off guard. So the conclusion of my week will be spent up north with family celebrating his life. It hasn’t really hit me as much yet as I am down in Madison and everything seems the same but Friday and Saturday will certainly be difficult days for my family. I don’t want to typify his life in cliché so all I am going to say is that he will be missed and I am proud of the life he has lived.

Other than that, things here have been pretty low-key. Just been doing some yard work and video gaming and laying low. Hopefully next week will bring better stories and good times! Go Brewers!


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