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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Word to your mother...

-To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle

My life is anyhing but extreme right now. The weekend was low-key but fun. After work on Friday we tried to rock some Blades of Glory. No such luck, we get to the theater and for unspecified reasons, it was cancelled. Weird. We ended up later that night going to Dottys with a couple other fun couples and it was fun! We got some Gelato and Cold Stone after and we even came upon a co-worker on a myserious date. Crazy!

Saturday had hoops in the morning. We then just kind of hung out all morning, not doing much of anything. We went down to the Old Fashioned for supper and it was good then we played some games. Bohnanza was nice, even though Riz screwed me and loaded questions was great fun!

Slept in until 8:30 this morning, I haven't done that in ages. The rest of today? Besides some bark park action I haven't done the paper, played some PS2 and watched the movie, She's the Man...good stuff! :)

Brewer fever is in full swing, the opener is tomorrow! Can't wait, although I have to wait until Friday to go to a game...there's talk we might run it back to back before going North for some Easter action.

-Take heed 'cause I'm a lyrical poet
Miami's on the scene just in case you didn't know it


  • Dance to that deadly boom
    Killin' your brain like a poisonous mushroom

    By Anonymous kelson, at 4/06/2007 7:06 PM  

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