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Friday, March 16, 2007

It's on!

15-1 on day 1. Tied for first. Not too shabby. My strategy for the early rounds is fool-proof and takes up much less time so I am proud of how it’s going so far. Of course all my eggs are in the Florida basket. Go Badgers!

Waffle House is now a sponsor of the Tour of Georgia. I really hope the teams patronize the race sponsor, it is a Georgia institution. In other food news…Mo-Cheese-Mo is the name of the new burger at Red Robin. 4 cheeses including bleu and Red Robin’s best sauce (the garlic mayo sauce) has my mouth watering. Not sure when I can get there but I know what I’ll be ordering. More cycling news here.

So I’ve got a new hobby. It’s called ETopps. It’s like a stock market for sports cards. The whole site is getting so popular that I think buying reasonably decent cards now is a good investment. And if you get bored you can even buy Maurice Clarett for like 9 cents. It’s like 1987 all over again. Of course I got another friend hooked on this and we’ve actually competed for a card or two. I even scored me a Bo Jackson legends card.

It's almost the weekend...I can't wait!!!


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