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Friday, March 09, 2007

Time to give this whole cycling thing a shot…

This weekend will be a weekend of bike riding, basketball watching and dodgeball. On tap?
Friday- Leave work early, ride for 2 hours, watch the Badger game, fall asleep early
Saturday- Wake up early, play basketball, get home in time to get on my bike and ride for god only knows how long. Hopefully after that I can watch the Badgers play basketball and then off to Pooleys for our dodgeball tournament.
Sunday- Wake up early and get on my bike early because of daylight savings time. Hopefully ride for a couple of hours and hopefully watch the Badgers win the Big Ten Championship. Probably go out with Jess’ mom for supper. Fall asleep early. Bam! Monday morning.

I’ll tell you on Monday how well it went. Although I am not in great shape right now I hope to at least be able to survive.

Not much else going on since my earlier rant. I’ve decided to keep the Jeter card. I like it too much. We’ve been going to the dog park about every day. Chili loves it and yesterday he actually listened to me on three separate occasions so perhaps he is growing up? Looks like we also are going to get invited to a boxer birthday party. Honestly very few things in life sound better than that and I really look forward to going. Plus I need to replace some local friends. Any interest in being in my March Madness Pool? Leave a comment and I’ll send you the info. Is it Brewers season yet?


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