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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Man, I am full blown sick now, nasty cold. I fought it off for three days but yesterday it hit me hard. Just hope I can make it through a Brewers game tomorrow. Stupid Brewers had to go and lose last night.

Chili hasn't ran away in 72 hours so that's good. We haven't done much of anything the past few days so I am sure he is bored. Yesterday my niece turned 1! Wow when I look at her it's crazy to think she's only been here a year and then I think back to when we went to Seattle and it was ages ago. I mean when we were there Burger King had cheesy tots!

Speaking of bored, wanna go on a cruise? Nothing much to do but play Kakuro. Weekend is turning out to be uneventful as well with rest planned and Easter with the family. Early next week is going to be great though, so stay tuned....


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