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Monday, April 16, 2007

Box-Office Weekend

Didn’t do much that was noteworthy this weekend. Saw the top 3 box-office movies in 3 days:
1. “Disturbia,” $23 million: I can’t believe this thing was PG-13. It was gruesome and gross. The first 2/3 of the movie is highly recommended and the last 1/3 is only necessary for the story but was way too crazy.
2. “Blades of Glory,” $14.1 million: Good show. Quality comedy with lots of cameos. I recommend seeing it. Not the best comedy ever but it will likely be one of the best ones of the year.
3. “Meet the Robinsons,” $12.1 million: What an odd movie. I knew nothing about it going in and it was just plain weird. It was really good and entertaining and I’d recommend it as well.

Friday after the 4:30 Blades of Glory showing and eating some food we went down to Barriques on Monroe for some wine tasting. It was Reisling night which is Jess’ favorite, so I nursed a latte while she knocked down some wine samples. It was a nice, relaxing and fun evening. Saturday I got up and played some basketball. After a little grocery shopping I went to Disturbia. I was one of three people at the 10am Ultra-Screen showing. After that I came home and had lunch and then kind of just relaxed and napped most of the afternoon. That evening we went out to play some games. A good time was had playing the Scattegories and Loaded Questions. We even got a couple games of Mario Kart in which was disappointing since the Riz wasn’t there. Sunday I woke up early and read the paper and did some things around the house. Jess and I went to Meet the Robinsons on Jackie Robinson day at 10am. We then went out to Jess cousin’s house for a belated Easter celebration. It was a beautiful day and we took apart their snowmen to have a snowball fight! Sunday night was just laid back as my eyes were just tired. Happy Birthday to Jerry (Sat) and my Dad (Sun.) And now it is Monday morning. Should be an ok week, tons of yard work is ready to be done so that will be fun and suck all at once!

Oh yeah, so yesterday was the first local criterium (bike race) of the year. I couldn’t imagine being ready for that race with the way the weather has been the last few weeks although yesterday was gorgeous. I would’ve like to have watched the racing but we were busy. But I didn’t miss it all that much so that’s good!


  • It blows my mind that folks are racing bikes already. Other than commuting, I've ridden exactly one time. A lot of that (OK, all of that) is because of the marathon, but it's still crazy.

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 4/16/2007 9:04 PM  

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