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Monday, May 07, 2007

Morning Brew...

So this morning was the opening of the new Barriques on Old Sauk. What was even more important is that the new store manager is our friend Tracy! We just had to go down and visit and wish her luck.
Sorry about the bad picture, my camera has a weird flash. Anyways, we got up at 5:15 to ride down there. 60% chance of rain? Ha! We wouldn't be denied. We got to Barriques at about 5 to 6 and we waited patiently outside while we got a couple drops of rain before Tracy finally let us in. The picture above is the first ever transaction at this new location. One large skim caramel latte, one chai and one pan o'chcolat. I added on a fresh baked molasses cookie for my breakfast, it was the best molasses cookie far!
I enjoyed my latte as well! It was really good! 10 minutes after being served Kyle (Tracy's husband) came in too and we hung out a bit before he had to get to work. The ride to work for us was against a headwind. But the rain held off and we got to work. It was an awesome morning, nothing like a cool ride and some hot caffenated drinks to get a Monday morning kicked off right.

Good luck Tracy! We'll certainly be back and we recommend everyone check this place out. Much more reasonable and less formulated than a Starbucks...and you can even add booze to your coffee or sip on a wine or beer. It's like a cyclist heaven. They even have Monopoly time we rock a game of that!


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