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Saturday, May 12, 2007

New York- Almost over...

We are almost done with New York. :( It's been a great time. I believe Jess left off on Thursday evening. Well now it is Saturday evening. I'll put a few pictures in here but many will have to wait until we get back.

Thursday night we headed to a show. Off-Broadway is our style so we hit a show called Altar Boyz. It mocks religion and boy bands. It was the best show I've ever seen. It was very unique, catchy and was laugh-out-loud funny the whole time! After that we just got our explore on, seeing Radio City Music Hall, Rockerfeller Center, Times Square and a bunch of other stuff. A second hot dog and sliders were consumed. Got back late and we were dead tired.

Friday we got up later than normal and hadn't anything really to do. We were staying at the Ho Jo's in mid-town until now but had to go up to the Upper West Side to stay at Jess' parents' friends' condo. They are out of town so we got it to ourselves. It is so nice!!! Before that however we went to Union Square for a farmers market. Although the market itself was lame, we did get to see some neat sights and do some shopping. I love Filene's Basement (which contains Brozek-like content) so we rocked that. Before shopping we had some Dunkin Donuts and after I lost my Bubble Tea virginity. It was everything I had hoped for. We then headed up to the condo and then down to some hole-in-the-wall burger place. It was insane and many people enjoy it all the time. I thought it was overrated though, being mearly average. But the atmosphere was priceless, it has no ads, no signs, and is in some secret back room that was tough to find. We then hiked through central park. We meandered back and forth through the park and walked several miles. Saw everything in the southern 2/3s of the park. I always new the park was big, but it was so much larger than I could imagine and there were far less people than I thought there would be. In fact this morning I took the Johnson's dog for a walk and it was like a bike race and a dog park. And about 300 people playing tennis. Anyways, after that we got back to the condo and it was Friday evening. We chilled for a bit before deciding to go to the top of the Empire State Building. We got to Grand Central Terminal and immediately started walking away from the ESB. Oops! SO that sucked! We realized it and kept going hoping for another Subway but it took forever! We finally got there though and got to see dusk and night. It was the perfect night to be up there, unseasonably warm and not windy at all! Awesome!!! Of course everything else about the ESB is so ghetto, it made it feel totally New York. After that we were starved, instead of walking a mile and then taking two different Subways and walking some more we instead went to Dave and Busters at Times Square! Great eats!!!


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