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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bike to work day!

I rode my bike to work today. I opted for my only bike with a name...Timmy!

It's my favorite bike I own, even though it's not that fun to ride. Anyways, I work and work out almost 2 miles from home and the Y and work are 1.7 miles from each other. I got to the Y nice and early today (around 5:50) which was nice, open my bag, no gym shorts. Back on Timmy up the hill and home (5:58) and back to the Y (6:07.) Got in almost 6 miles before basketball time and I was well warmed up. After basketball I got the 1.7 mile ride with the biggest climb of the day, but I not only cleaned it, I passed a kid on a BMX bike. I rock! Workday was awesome, free bagels for breakfast and free pizza for lunch. Yesterday we caught 3 mice at work. We only had one trap left and that got cleaned without it triggering so that sucked. It's loaded again for the weekend. Took the dogs to the park after work...what a perfect day for that! Now we are off to dinner!

Oh yeah, the other day I helped out a co-worker help out another "co-worker". The "co-worker" sent me and the other co-worker one of these! If only I was cool enough to win one myself. I'm out. Tour De Cure is tomorrow and I'll be packing my camera...we'll see what I can do!


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