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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What has your wife done for you lately?

So as some of you know, our friggin' AC is busted, happened some time Saturday. We tried replacing the fuse and fixing some wires but they didn't help. Finally we tried some other things today, but to no avail. Jess is a message board hound and can figure out solutions to anything, how to get the best price on anything and the best of anything, anywhere. She is downright awesome at research like that. Well today as I am watching Seinfeld, Jess gets back to the message board. I figured it was in desperation, that we blew a circuit board or something like that. She then says that chipmunks often time can chew through wires. I haven't seen a chipmunk on our property forever but I have seen Chili. I go out back and look, sure enough, chewed up and exposed wire. Funny too, on Saturday and Sunday Chili was sick, is it possible he got zapped by the electrical wire and made him sick? Anyways, we figured it would cost $200 for an electrician to fix the wiring. Jess came up with a mathmatical equation (we shut off some power and pulled a kill switch) that factored in the odds of her death versus the value of her life and it came out to under $200, so she got out this handy electrical stuff we thought we'd never use and got to work. Some splicing and cutting and taping later, she was done. We hook all the power back up and go inside, put in a new fuse, and it didn't even blow when we turned it on. In fact, it turned on! The windows have been shut, the A/C has been resumed and my comfort has been saved! My wife=my hero! Because of her we didn't spend $200 and we can use the AC, tonight! You should see a well rested and less grumpy Mark tomorrow!

Stupid Boxer!
And all I've done lately is take an area that was 1/3 covered in grass and make it about 1/2 covered in grass.
And for those who are worried, I e-mailed the guy who sold us bum Yankees tickets at a different e-mail address. He replied in 15 minutes with a refund and an offer of free future Yankees tickets. So if you are in NYC and want to check out a game, please let me know!


  • My dog maybe one of those dogs at the park with "issues" but yours is way more destructive than mine. Jess kicks ass

    By Anonymous kelson, at 5/23/2007 9:44 AM  

  • Jeebus Hitler Christ - Jess does kick ass.

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 5/24/2007 8:48 PM  

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