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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday is whack.

My sickness with some people continues. I have no problem if some roid rage wrastler wants to knock himself off, but keep everyone else out of it. Injecting his 7yo with roids? Are you kidding me? And then WWE does a tribute show to this. If I was stupid enough to watch wrestling in the first place, I’d quit now for sure. Nothing good has come out of wrestling in a long time. Hopefully WWE will fade back into a redneck sport. Getting even more whacky! What a winner.

Monday we bought a mower, it wasn’t one of those hippy mowers, it has 6.5HP of Toro power. OK, so it’s not a big ol fancy riding mower but it should serve us well! I like it a lot and it doesn’t smoke like the old lawn boy did. Tuesday I made a cycling comeback of sorts. I decided on Saturday that since Mt Evans was 4 weeks from that Saturday I should probably start training for it. Tuesday it happened. 18 mile lunch ride, first time on my road bike in the whole month of June. I could tell my body wasn’t in cycling shape but my lungs and heart seemed ok. Hopefully I can spin some quick legs under me in the next 3 weeks, so I can make it up the mountain. Should be fun! Last night was our softball game. We got smoked. I was 1-3 and made my shortstop debut. That was a lot of action for me as I was involved in almost every play. Of course my arm sucks so I tried to hustle one to first and put it in the fence. The rest of the night I played pretty well. We lost 21-9 I believe.

Although a lot has changed lately, every once in a while you get a flash, like things haven’t. Today at lunch I threw on my MP3 player to go out and rock a few laps at Quarry Ridge. The whole training thing I guess. I pull into the start and see Neil, the new neighbor across the street, at the entrance. I guess I’ll have to ride harder now. So we go up the climb, all the while he’s talking to me and I am just trying to breathe. Very familiar to a past neighbor. Of course he kept riding out of sight but he’d wait up now and again, he even rocked one of the new ramps. Well on the second-ish lap we ran into Darren from my work. That was great for me, as Darren rocked a couple drops on the more-more trail while we watched and now Neil had someone fast to ride with so I could lag behind. It was a good ride, that place is really starting to come together. I wish they’d stuff some more singletrack in the woods but right now everyone wants extreme. I guess I’ll have to learn to ride bigger stuff. With the new more-more trail it’s getting a lot harder to define what a lap is.

Brewers win in extras...for the sweep! Sunday I am going to the Brewers/Cubs game at Wrigley. It is Michael Barrett bobblehead day. He got traded two weeks ago. Huh. Dean said they are still giving away some sort of bobblehead and now it is "Cubs" bobblehead day.


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