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Monday, June 18, 2007

Another weekend down!

Friday was nice and laid-back. Got through some basketball and a day of work and then Jess and I hit Tony Romas. Good food! Made it home and got ready for some game action. Riz was the first one there so we played some cribbage until The Price is Right started. It was a good episode and it was only cheesed up a little. I beat Riz in the showcases! Then we got down to business. Although first I rocked 1-1/2 molasses cookies…thanks Tracy! We played Boggle and I didn’t win. Then we played Buzzword and then some card game that was like adult Uno and once I figured it out, it was pretty fun. I almost forgot, we tried farming beans with 9 people…it didn’t go so well and took forever. It was fun and I think everyone had a good time!

Saturday I got up after 4-1/2 hours of sleep. My breakfast was a Full Throttle. Headed to basketball and saw tons of bikes headed the other way. Suckers! It was the Horribly Hilly Hundreds ride. I did it last year and that was plenty! Basketball was alright, it took a while to get enough to play with and then we had exactly 10 people so I got over 90 minutes straight with no breaks. Got home, showered up and to Odana golf course. First round of golf in two years, I hadn’t even hit balls in well over a year. Struggled the first three holes (8 over) but then it all clicked. I hit the green and scored par on the first Par 3 and then I bogeyed the next hole. Got to a par 5 and had my best drive and best second shot all day. Chipped it to 7 feet from the pin and I drained the birdie putt! I haven’t had a birdie in over 10 years! Started the fade after that finishing bogey (which is still great for me,) double bogey, triple bogey to shoot a 50. Now I am excited to get out and play some more. It was also fun since I was with Jess, Jess’ dad and his friend. It was a fun foursome. Jess played really well so it was fun for her too! And I know her dad loved it! After that we went to the Great Dane for lunch and then came home and chilled and watched Into the Blue. Saturday evening we took the Riz out to the new Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday! That place is really cool! We played trivia but you could also play Texas Hold-Em on the trivia machines with others in the restaurant. I quickly became the chip leader (on a lucky as ass hand) until Riz accidentally called some guy on a huge bet when he meant to fold (in his defense the console is counter-intuitive.) So that guy became chip leader. We had one hand left so we decided we’d all stay in and front the best hand at our table with chips. It turned out to be Kari, so she won and took down some evil bastard on the far other side of the place! It was a fun evening and Happy 30th Riz! Got home in time to take the dogs to the park quick and then watch the Brewers. A full day!

Sunday I was content to chill. Thoughts of some early am mountain biking fleeted fast when I was sitting on the couch with a TV, newspaper and coffee. Got tons of work done around the house and started playing Bully on PS2. It’s ok so far but if it doesn’t get better soon it’ll overall be pretty lame. Jess almost got the painting done too which is awesome since the area she painted had so many small and weird angles and she did a two tone. Watched some Nascar and Brewers as well. We then went out for Father’s Day with Jess’ parents. We sat outside on a perfect evening at Paisans and then went for some Gelato. Happy Father’s Day to all that fathers out there including mine and my father-in-law! Got home in time to take a late evening trip to the dog park which was a blast!

Now it’s Monday AM…guh!!!


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