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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lots of stupid people out there in the world. Makes me pissed at cars even more. Wonder if this is the same as the Swiffer van of a few weeks ago...probably just some bored high-school kids out on break or some drunk bastards.

So I am not a clubber, but love club tracks. This is the hottest thing going right now. Mix in some 90's hip-hop beats with some Ace of Base sounding chick and a bunch of random other stuff and somehow you come up with a sweet hit! I am not a big fan of this video (or almost any video since after Land of Confusion nothing else could compare.)

Man that's hot! Reagan as a puppet? And then as Super Man? And then a Mr. Potatohead lookin' Phil Collins? Legendary!

The accent to the highest point in Colorado is getting closer, and I got some new gear!

The grey shoes for hiking and climbing and the red/brown/clay shoes just for the hell of it! Didn't we used to all have a friend who lived in Merrell (or Merrill?) Yeah, I can't really remember either!

8 hours of work to go before another weekend! I can't wait!


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