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Sunday, October 07, 2007


It was the first trip of the whole year for either Jess or I to the Kettles. I got up super early and rocked a couple hours of basketball before Jess picked me up at the Y to head southeast. Got there around 9:30 and were on the trail around 9:45. Last time we were there they had rerouted the first section so when we came to a snowfence we just figured it was part of the reroute. It was evident we weren't on the blue loop like we wanted but then we found some new trail that was awesome that cut us to the blue loop. Only problem the south half of the blue loop was closed so after less than 2 miles we were already on the connector trail. We took that back and forth and I did the Emma Carlin loop. They cut a new vista on the top of the Emma and it was awesome. We got back to the car after 20 miles of singletrack and called it quits. Jess rode the womens' Teocali which was too much bike for out there.
After the ride we cleaned up and headed south towards Elkhorn. I read of this place that had apple cider donuts so we had to have them and compare to others we've had. They were excellent, I'd rate them second out of the four I've had. They were fresh and warm. I then noticed the best way back to Madison was through Janesville and well we hadn't had lunch yet. 25 minutes later we were poundin' our fudd. It had been a while and it was much needed!!!
The rest of the night was spent watching football and napping and not feeling well. The one thing I don't miss about cycling is the evening of dehydration headaches, tired everything and the wind/sun-burned feeling. Got some good sleep but am achy today. No biggy because we aren't doing anything of note.
Friday night we bowled. I bowled poorly and we got smoked. Of course if I would've just bowled my average in game 3 we could've pulled out one win. Oh well. Did have a 417 series so it wasn't as bad as it appeared but I really need to gain some consistancy. Our whole team was beat down after a long week so it was like zombie bowling anyways. But we had fun, it's always fun to hang with the Mundys.
There you go, it's Sunday morning, the coffee is drunk and the paper is read...


  • Good to see you on the bike. Although it looks like in your time off, you may have been surpassed in the skills department by your wife. So now where do you stand in the 'hood cycling hierarchy?

    By Anonymous nothing good to say..., at 10/08/2007 12:26 PM  

  • I miss my mountain bike. I realized the other day that I really missing losing WORS races too.

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 10/09/2007 6:25 PM  

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